Managing Dealership with GPS

Managing Dealership with GPS

GPS tracking technology is used by car dealers not just to increase profits but also to protect it. Managing Dealership with GPS car dealers are able to increase their sales by selling units to as many customers as they can, accepting even the subprime. With the tracking device, they are able to keep track of the customer’s payment, and if they fall behind on payment,  the device can help them retrieve the vehicle quickly.

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Vehicle Tracking


GPS vehicle tracking is not just for protecting vehicles.

Nowadays, a lot of car dealership rely on GPS-based tracking system for managing their inventory. Trackimo, the world’s leading GPS tracking provider offers this service. With the technology, several complicated processes in dealership will be simplified. It allows sales people to concentrate more on their main job—to sell—instead of spending valuable time managing their inventory of vehicles from various locations.

Managing Dealership with GPS vehicle tracking provides most benefits in sales and service, lot security, and finances. Here’s how:

Increase Sales and Service

For example, a potential buyer is requesting a test drive of a specific car. With GPS tracking, you will no longer have to waste time looking for it in your parking area or asking staff where that car is. Just a few clicks on the GPS tracking system, you will be able to locate the car in question—in seconds. This way, the customer won’t have to wait, which may cause him/her to back out.

When a potential buyer e-mails you about a particular vehicle he or she wants to test out. You may locate the whereabouts of that vehicle using GPS tracking and have it ready (fueled, washed, full battery) before the buyer arrives.

Improve Safety


Security camera is not enough to protect your vehicle from possible theft. If the vehicles are equipped with GPS tracking system, it may not prevent thieves from taking your vehicles, but it makes recovery fast and easy. Just open the app, click on the model of the missing vehicle and you can trace its current location instantly.

Save on OpEx

GPS tracking as anti car-theft offers a lot of financial benefits to both the dealership and the buyer. A lot of insurance companies offer discounts on insurance premium rates for vehicles equipped with the tracking technology. Even banks and other financial institutions give better rates when a car is installed with a tracking device. Truly, GPS vehicle tracking is an investment that yields positive result in so many ways.



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