Lost Drones Around Town

There have been many reoccurrences of drones getting lost and later appearing on sites like eBay and Craigslist for sale. Finders are keepers, right? But the owners of the drones wouldn’t agree with this logic. Occurrences like this are increasing rapidly across the country, and numerous news agency have reported sightings of various lost drones.

Drones are becoming more popular among the rich and deep-pocketed geeks who love taking aerial flights with their drones around town. And as more drones are bought, more drones are inevitably lost.

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Lost Drone

Lots of drone owners have resorted to complaining on various forums about their lost drones, putting the blame on the drone manufacturers. They claim that the drones suddenly develop minds of their own and refuse to respond to commands, ultimately taking off, never to be found or seen again. Drone manufacturers refuse to take the blame for these lost drones and have put the blame on users with claims like dead batteries and poor and finicky handling by users among others. Drone owners say that the fail-safes, which were developed to ensure that drones would return home, have failed and do not work.

This was predicted by many as drones are prone to getting lost in different ways. Drones could crash into solid objects like buildings, fences, etc. When they crash into these objects, it becomes an almost impossible task at times to search for the drones wherever they have fallen to. Sometimes they fall into lakes or rivers. How does one search for a lost drone in a large body of water? They could also get lost in the woods or in mountain ranges. How does one begin to search for a lost drone in a large forest?

So many drone users have taken to social media their concerns in the quest to find their lost drones. More ridiculously, firefighters are now involved in the search for lost drones. Imagine a whole crew of six men with a large fire truck toiling for hours all in the name of retrieving a lost drone.

Lost Drones Around Town – How to Prevent it?

Drone users are advised to put identification tags on their drones. These tags should contain names, address, and phone number to help finders of the drones return the drones to them as quick as possible.

There are already some technologies out now that could help prevent loss of drones. Some of these solutions are examined below.


1. TrackR—this is a small, coin-sized device that can be easily attached to a drone or even some other gadget. They could even be used to track cell phones. The TrackR app has to be installed on the owner’s smartphone. TrackR can display the distance between a missing drone and the owner through the app. You can even ring up your drone and the TrackR device on the drone would ring up, allowing you to find it easily. Finding drones has never been this easier.

2. Flytrex 3G—this is a very good 3G tracker that works wherever there is a cell signal. It costs $190. The only disadvantage is it doesn’t work where there is no cell reception. It also requires a smartphone and is very small and weighs less than 31 grams.

3) Trackimo GPS tracker—this makes use of GPS technology, and like the other two previously mentioned, it requires a smartphone. It weighs only 42 grams and costs about $130. This is by far the best! Check it out for yourself.

With all these options, as long as drone owners are willing to spend a little extra, lost drones should be a thing of the past.



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