Boy Beats Indian Cops to Locate Drone

A 12-year-old boy locates a police drone camera that went missing from Bhojshala recently on a Saturday. Gokul, carrying the drone camera on his bicycle, found his way to the policemen and afterward was rewarded with Rs 5,000 or almost $75. The announcement was made by the superintendent of police that after cops failed to find it, it was a relief to see the boy bringing it down to them.

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12-Year-Old Boy Locates A Police Drone

Police Drone - 12 Year-Old Boy Locates A Police Drone


Following the peaceful puja and namaz at Bhojshala on the preceding Friday, while the Dhar district police and administration were patting their backs, they later became conscious that one of the three drone cameras that were used went missing. The drones were made available in the service to keep watch on the crowd to spot any disturbance or any unusual activities that could lead to troubles during Basant Panchami celebrations.

The awareness generated some level of panic, and all efforts to trace down the drone were aborted during the night and the search resumed the following morning. The state police purchased drone camera for US$12,500 to be used as a trial to keep a watchful eye on the crowd before the Simhasta at Ujjain scheduled for April–May this year.

When the news got to the Indian city of Indore, the superintendent of police (radio) Rajesh Dandotiya rushed down to Dhar to command search operation into tracking down the missing drone. Later in the afternoon, when it was clear that the policemen could not get any clue, he had to announce a cash reward of Rs 5,000 or  US$74 to anyone who could provide the clue toward locating the drone.

Dandotiya, while responding to correspondents, told TOI, “We had roped in corporators, residents, and kids living in the near vicinity to trace out the missing drone camera. Policemen along with locals fanned out in different areas.”

After the announcement, at about 5:30 p.m., Gokul arrived at the local police station and sought to meet with the senior police officers. They were all amazed with looks of surprises on their faces when he brought out the drone camera and presented it to them. He was then immediately taken to senior officers in Dhar, who felicitated with him and were happy to have him save them of the trouble and panic resulting from the sudden disappearance of the drone camera.

Police Drone - 12 Year-Old Boy Locates A Police Drone

“The boy practically saved the day for us,” said Dandotiya.

A happy Gokul, while collecting the cash reward from Dandotiya with beaming face, was seen by the policemen as their savior.

The other police officers were cheering on while Dandotiya was presenting the cash price to Gokul at the police local station.

Having seen the missing drone camera, the panic created was allayed and the possibility of it being hijacked was put to rest. Rs 5,000 was rewarded to Gokul as the boy locates a police drone that went missing. Everyone including the police officers were happy to move on.



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