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GPS technology is an excellent tool for any company—delivery companies in particular. Installing vehicles with GPS monitoring units offers numerous benefits and endless possibilities. Its impact on fleet management is invaluable.

Delivery vehicles carry numerous important assets, packages, and documents. Delivery services have become popular in recent years as more and more people prefer home delivery, be it food items, electronic goods, or clothing. It’s the delivery companies’ responsibility to turn over the items safely to their customers. In businesses like this, customer satisfaction is obviously a huge factor.

The GPS Benefits to Delivery Companies

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Real-Time Delivery Alert

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This feature is important for companies engaged in delivery business. It is important that customers are updated with the status of their delivery so they’ll know when exactly they can receive the goods. With GPS monitoring, the company manager can view the vehicle’s real-time location and the estimated time of delivery, then they can share it with their customers. Knowing that the vehicle is right on schedule is important to managers.

Customer Satisfaction

In businesses that deal directly with customers, business growth depends on the quality of your customer service. A satisfied customer is likely to repeat transaction. Good customer service isn’t just about timely delivery and constant delivery update, it also includes safe delivery of their package. An increase in customer satisfaction is one of the many benefits of GPS to delivery companies.

Driver and Vehicle Security

Successful delivery of items to the customers affects the company’s reputation, that’s why security is important for logistics companies. GPS for courier tracking can help managers monitor their drivers’ behavior and the activity of each vehicle. In cases of road emergencies, the tracking device’s two-way communication can be used to ask for immediate assistance. And in the event of vehicle theft, its real-time tracker will help companies locate vehicle’s current location and retrieve it almost immediately.

How to Deal with Fake Customer Claims

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Every now and then, companies face false accusations from false customers, and it may cost the company a lot of money and could ruin its reputation. The GPS tracker can help the company counter the allegations hurled against them by providing the details of the vehicle’s whereabouts.

Reduce Fuel Consumption

One of the top expenses of logistics companies is on fuel, and the surge in fuel price isn’t helping. But delivery companies can still reduce fuel cost by using GPS tracking app. The system will give data on the vehicle’s fuel consumption and its mileage. From the data, the manager can check which vehicle is wasting fuel and take action if the vehicle needs to be shopped.

These are just five of the many benefits of GPS to delivery companies. If you want to know more about how you can benefit and grow your business from using 3G GPS fleet tracking, contact Trackimo, maker of the world’s most reliable and affordable GPS fleet tracking device.



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