Its 1 AM Do You Know Where Your Teen Driver Is

Watching your children grow up and prosper is one of the greatest joys of parenthood. In truth, it is also a time of celebration for children as they long to get behind the wheel of the family car. As soon as kids reach the legal driving age in their area, they cannot wait to enjoy the same independence as adults Teen Driver. Unlike adults, however, a good percentage of teens have not developed the sense of maturity and responsibility needed to safely operate a motor vehicle. For some parents, this can be a time of great anxiety and they wonder if they have made the right choice in letting their kids drive at this age.

Teen Driver Driving Statistics

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Insurance Information Institute

Insurance Information Institute

While a GPS tracker will not stop your teen from talking and texting on their phone or engaging in other distracting behavior while driving, it is can tell you how fast they are travelling. Excessive speed is often a factor in accidents and young people sometimes lack the impulse control and good sense to drive safely and adhere to the posted limits. A study conducted by the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) revealed that speed was a significant cause of fatal crashes involving both young male and female drivers. It is a growing problem, having risen from 30% of such accidents in the year 2000 to 33% in 2011. Speeding is a particular issue with teenage males and is often done while driving at night, adding an extra degree of danger to that practice.

Use GPS to Track Your Vehicle



If you worry that your Teen Driver is not driving safely by adhering to the speed limits, there is a way that you can monitor their actions and make sure. GPS has proven to be a superb innovation that allows users to keep track of everything from personal property to actual persons. Investing in a GPS Vehicle Tracker Kit allows you to know not only where your car is, but how fast it is travelling. This real-time data shows exactly how fast the vehicle has been travelling and where it has gone. Parents have the option of letting their kids know that the GPS is in the vehicle or, because of its small size, the tracker can be easily hidden from view.

One way to judge your adolescent’s growing level of maturity is to trust them with responsibility, including the ability to drive the family vehicle when they have reached the legal age. Some teenagers are ready for this part of their development on the road to adulthood, but some are not. In the past, parents often only found out about this when their son or daughter had been in an accident and possibly even lost their lives. Now economical and effective GPS tracking technology gives concerned adults an extra sense of security that helps alleviate any worry they might have about where their kids are and what they may have been up to.



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