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People are lucky to enjoy the benefits of GPS technology nowadays. GPS system has been essential when it comes to tracking down lost items from vehicles to something as small as jewelry. The best part is GPS tracking can be incorporated into your valuables and monitored in real time. Some GPS devices are equipped with a mobile application that users can download to have real-time notifications on the whereabouts of their assets. It can also be used to improve school bus system.

GPS helps parents in tracking children, which is a more convenient way of looking into their safety. This is why many of them have urged school districts to install GPS technology as a way to improve school bus system. This ensures safety and timelessness if parents can visibly check on the children and the bus driver as well.

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Tracking School Bus

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Different school bus–related incidents highlight the importance of GPS systems. One of the alarming ones happened in Utah, where a school bus driver was arrested on DUI charges and endangered the lives of the 67 children and adults on board due to her erratic driving.

Through GPS monitoring, parents would know when their children approach the bus stop and its actual route. School districts that use GPS to improve school bus system would also get to benefit from this as well. So to give you an in depth look into how, read on below.

How GPS Helps Improve School Bus System

School Bus Tracking Benefits

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1. Reduces fuel costs

By monitoring the bus driver’s routes and his driving, you will not only provide safety for the passengers but you will notice significant fuel savings. Schools authorities may also map out areas that are less congested as well.

2. Monitors driver performance

Worried that your driver is speeding, going on wrong turns, or sudden braking? These are warning signs that you may want reevaluate your appointed driver. Remember, the lives of everyone in the bus lies on his driving, and if a parent barges in the principal’s office with complaints about the bus driver, then at least school authorities have evidence to investigate on.

Driver Performance


3. Drops children off at their respective stops

Parents have voiced out their concern that many children go out at the wrong stop. There are various reasons behind this, from rerouting resulting in confusion to even bad weather. With a GPS, the bus driver will be more familiar on the paths he is following and will be aware of any weather disturbances ahead of time.

4. Protects children from going missing

The number of missing children have been on the rise lately. Some unfortunate cases even remain unsolved despite efforts. So having a tracking technology would be essential to check if your child had taken the right bus home and to see if he was safely dropped in his respective location.

Schools should take responsibility when it comes to ensuring the safety and security of their students. This should start from the time the children leave their homes to the time they head to school until they get home. In the end, installing GPS tracking device as a way to improve school bus system is cost-effective and beneficial to the school, especially if they consider GPS tracking, which has additional essential features that ensure child safety.



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