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  • Benefits of Having GPS Trackers Monitor Utility Vehicles

    Utility companies often encounter problems like fuel costs and customers complaining about late orders. The solution for these profit-losing issues is a GPS tracking system, which allows visible and real-time monitoring of your company’s assets and products.

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    Monitor Utility Vehicles

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    GPS technology like Trackimo is both a cost-effective and smart option for companies, if they want to keep track of their fleets.

    To look deeper into the benefits of GPS technology, take a look below.

    1. Reduced fuel cost


    2. Lessen chances for overtime

    When you notice that you are paying unnecessary overtime charges, you often look for reasons behind them. Instead of relying on a word of mouth, do keep track of their whereabouts through GPS. The time specified as well as their actual location are given real time, which will lessen chances of overtime since you can now ensure that they are spending their working hours effectively.

    3. Keep your employees safe

    There are GPS devices that give a report on your driver’s driving conduct. This alone would bring attention to how fast they drive. Drivers who go beyond the speed limit are at risk for road accidents and are prone to receiving complaints from fellow motorists, which can be a big problem because they are carrying the company’s name while on the road. Another thing is their own safety. Drivers are considered assets to the company as well, so ensuring their safety is also an integral part of the business.

    4. Happier customers

    Good customer service certainly brings a company up. If you have GPS trackers installed in your fleet, you would be able to estimate the time of arrival and provide assurance to your customers. Remember, if they are satisfied with their transactions, customers won’t hesitate recommending this to others.

    5. Less insurance costs

    To sum up the four benefits listed above, expect premiums to be reduced by insurance companies when utility businesses install GPS tracking. This is so because in the event where good driving is properly supervised and implemented, insurance providers won’t hesitate to reduce premiums.



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  • Get GPS Tracking for $5 per month

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