Keeping Kids Safe

It is an alarming yet tragic fact that a large number of children go missing each year. From child abduction cases to them getting lost in large-scale areas, a parent should always remain aware and vigilant of the dangers that surround their children.

In modern times, technology has been able to provide solution to these issues. Child monitoring devices equipped with GPS technology are especially designed for keeping kids safe and can easily be adjusted to tend to their needs during actual emergency situations.

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Wandering Kid


A case of a lost child in the news is enough to give parents nightmares. Those in the actual situation go through extreme stress—from the tedious police investigations to widespread searches. With all that being said, many have turned to GPS technology when it comes to keeping kids safe.

From young kids, teenagers, and even elderly with dementia, GPS has gone a long way from its former use in the military. More and more products have emerged in the market, proving just how advanced GPS technology has become.

How GPS Help in Keeping Kids Safe

A GPS device will be your personal monitoring system that tracks down your child’s whereabouts. This can be worn as an accessory or even attached to your child’s clothing. An actual device is more effective than the GPS features pre-installed in smartphones because they don’t drain battery power fast and have extra safety features that parents can take advantage of.

The tracker will give parents a heads-up on the current location of their children in real time. So they can be seen moving or standing still through an application that typically comes with the product. Sophisticated GPS system have a wide range of features that include emitting beeps that can be heard within a certain radius.

How GPS System Work

Global positioning system (GPS) is a network composed of 30 satellites that orbit the earth. A GPS unit receives the radio signals that the satellites broadcast in the speed of light. The trackers are activated via a subscription service and gives out precise position in real time using radio frequency and satellite radio technology.

Parents can also enjoy setting a “safe area” with their device. They will be alerted if the child goes beyond the perimeter they set. The device uses loud beeps or sound alerts through the application to give parents the convenience of immediately locating their child in case this happens. This has proven to be effective when protecting children from dangerous situations like child abduction and children who venture into unsafe areas.

Importance of GPS

The role of GPS in keeping kids safe has been proven to be effective over the years especially for children with special needs. GPS immediately reports any potential dangers and protects them in the process. It serves as something like a communication tool for parents and can be helpful even when traveling.


Trackimo for Kids


Trackimo is a conveniently sized, lightweight device equipped with long-lasting batter life, and it offers state-of-the-art GPS service no matter where you are in the world. Parents can monitor two or more children through a simple and easy-to-use application accessible through Web or mobile.

As mentioned above, one thing to look out for when it comes to GPS devices is its geo-fencing feature and a distress button the user can press in case of emergency situations.



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