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What is a GPS vehicle locator? How does it work and how do these devices help businesses?

These and the following queries are just some of the most frequently asked questions by businessmen who are looking for some ways and tools to boost their business. Because we want to help you achieve your goals, here are some answers that will help you choose the tool fit for your needs as a business owner.

What is a GPS vehicle locator and what information will it provide?

A GPS vehicle locator is a tracking device that utilizes the GPS (global positioning system) to locate a vehicle or object and monitor its movement. Aside from location, the vehicle tracker can also provide other data such as the vehicle’s travel speed and routes. The GPS vehicle locator device can be hardwired to the vehicle. This will allow you to remotely monitor and even control vehicle operations such as locking and unlocking doors, disabling a vehicle’s starter, ignition start/stop, and downtime monitoring. You can also set parameters to activate alerts, like for example, you establish a virtual fence or speed limit and your parameters are disregarded, you will then receive a notification.

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How will these GPS data help boost my business?

If you are into delivery business or use two or more vehicles for your business, you will probably need help to improve the efficiency and safety of your vehicles as well as maximize your assets. Here’s what a GPS vehicle tracking system can do.

1. Enhances vehicle route planning

The use of GPS vehicle locator will give you better route options for your drivers. This will lessen the time your driver has to spend on the road, resulting in faster delivery arrival and less fuel expenses.

2. Improves dispatching method

With GPS tracking, you will be able to accommodate late customer orders and requests by finding the closest available vehicle in the area near your client. You will also be able to monitor your employees’s productivity, which of them are efficient and which are not. The tracking system can record the number and duration of each downtime as well as unauthorized usage of company assets as proofs.

3. Improves driver and vehicle safety

Various studies show that when field employees are aware that their performance are being tracked including their driving behaviors, they are most likely to follow rules and therefore improving their productivity.

4. Secures assets

The GPS vehicle locator will send out an alert the moment your vehicle is moved out of its position without your permission, ensuring quicker recovery in case of theft.

Are GPS vehicle locators difficult to install?

While there are GPS devices that are complicated and need additional configuration before using, there are some GPS devices like Trackimo that are out-of-box ready-to-use tracking units. Just plug the device into your vehicle port, turn it on, and you can start tracking.

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Do I have to maintain the software that is used by the GPS vehicle locator?

No, it’s not your responsibility anymore. Trackimo has the system that supports your GPS vehicle locator. There’s no need to download it. You can access it online anytime using your Internet-connected computer for free!



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