Heres What You Need to Know About GPS Tracking Coverage Map

People who have read about GPS technology know for a fact that real-time monitoring system makes use of assisted-global positioning system or A-GPS. They might wonder how live trackers like Trackimo use A-GPS. It’s not complicated really. The GPS trackers utilize the network of satellites in the earth’s space to collect latitude and longitude points as well as other location information. This is how a car tracker is able to determine the precise location of an object, its speed, and more.

With the help of cellular technology, the collected data by the tracker is then relayed to the server where smartphones and computers can access it. Most GPS tracking system use mobile phones for data transmission. If someone has a plan to purchase a real-time tracking device, it’s essential to know first what cellular network the device they are going to use will be utilizing.

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GPS tracking coverage map

Technology behind the Trackimo GPS Tracker Device

This article is about the newest live innovation from Tracking System Direct (TSD), the Trackimo tracker, its uses, in hopes of guiding potential customers as they look for signal in their own distinct areas.

Trackimo has many unique and advanced features including a wider coverage in more than 150 countries worldwide. That being said, the GPS tracking device is one, if not the most, efficient and reliable tracking solutions for every consumer.

For those who don’t know, standard Trackimo devices have AT&T as its network provider to forward GPS data to protected servers where usernames and passwords are required for a user to access it. The AT&T coverage map is always updated, continuously enhancing and about to grow larger with the coming acquisition of T-Mobile. That’s why TSD and the mastermind behind the newest live innovation selected AT&T as their choice of GPS data carrier. Moreover, Verizon CDMA network is not the best choice for those who are looking for a device with international tracking capabilities.

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If you look at the coverage map, it shows that though there are some areas with excellent coverage, in some rural areas and zones with certain terrain environments, there may be some coverage issues. If you’re going to areas that belong to the latter, TSD recommends to use passive trackers since cellular coverage isn’t needed for it to work, it instead logs data every second. You just have to download it prior the travel.

TSD assures its customers that the devices offered on their Web site will meet or even exceed their expectations. TSD recognizes how important the technology is in applications such as senior tracking, teen tracking, and business monitoring—that’s why they make efforts to let their customers know what devices will function in the areas where it will be used. TSD welcomes anyone who is interested in real-time tracking solutions to check out the AT&T coverage map so they would know that their system works just fine in the areas where they are planning to use the equipment.




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