It is important for schools to have a trusted and safe transportation service for the school children and this is where school bus tracking systems come into play. Both parents and school administrators will benefit from GPS-based school bus tracking systems. Here’s why equipping school buses with GPS tracking solutions is important.

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Advantages of Utilizing School Bus Tracking Systems

Security and Safety of Students and Faculty Are Improved

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When it comes to the students’ safety, there is no compromise. Real-time tracking using GPS allows parents and administrators to locate the exact position of the bus carrying the kids 24/7. Automated alerts from school bus tracking systems are issued to fleet managers in the event the bus deviates from its assigned route or if speed driving is detected. If the driver engages in this kind of unsafe driving, the school administrator can make the field personnel responsible for his actions. With this information, staff, parents, and students won’t have to worry.

Bus Driver Performance Is Monitored

The school bus tracking systems can generate useful reports that fleet managers can use to optimize routes for drivers. The GPS tracker for school bus can estimate the travel time for every route taken. Using the information, the fleet manager can determine the shortest route to and from particular locations, reducing travel time, idle time, and fuel cost. With the established driving pattern, parents no longer have to worry about their kids waiting outside their home. Plus the school authorities can monitor the efficiency of their field personnel.

Bus Maintenance Schedules Are Kept Track

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Following regular maintenance will prevent your fleet from suffering unexpected breakdowns and will ensure that fleet are running smoothly. The GPS-based fleet tracking device can monitor vehicle mileage and other information which the fleet manager can use to determine if it’s time for the vehicle to visit the shop. The system report can be customized so managers can easily manage the bus maintenance schedule.

Field Personnel Can Be Held Accountable

School bus tracking system can keep track of field personnel’s log sheets for easy verification and make the employee accountable. The system automatically computes the number of hours the employee has rendered. And since it’s computer generated, the data accuracy is guaranteed. The tracking system can reduce work hours and eradicate unauthorized usage of company vehicle.



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