GPS Device for Elderly Drivers

There is a reason why GPS device for elderly is important. As a person ages, they become more at risk of memory-related problems such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. People who suffer from these conditions have a tendency to become unfamiliar with places they have been to before and find it difficult to adjust to new environments. These memory-related diseases can lead to wandering. Wandering is a concern for caregivers and family members as it places their elderly loved ones in dangerous situations. This is how GPS device for elderly drivers have become a necessity.

Luckily, this generation has a lot of options when it comes to securing the safety of our loved ones. One of the common solutions for patients with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease is GPS tracking technology. Real-time GPS devices for elderly drivers have proven to be lifesavers as they report the current location and movement of the subject, even if they are on the road.

A good example of these devices is Trackimo. Trackimo is a plug-and-play tracking device that is packed with multiple purposes. Users can opt to connect this to vehicles in order to monitor the driving activity of the senior driver. This is the perfect GPS device for elderly drivers or for children who wish to keep their elderly parents safe but have to tend to other important commitments throughout the day.

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Trackimo Senior Driver

GPS Device for Elderly Drivers

The privilege to drive is something that you cannot just take away from your parents. After all, it helps keep their mind active and it encourages independence. Many older adults even take it as an insult when their driving privileges are revoked.

So to always keep them safe on the road, you can always make use of Trackimo’s GPS device for elderly drivers. It can provide essential information on speeding, sudden brake, acceleration, and impact. You can even instruct your parents that in case an emergency arises, they can always press on the SOS button in the device. This will immediately alert important contacts on their whereabouts, ensuring quick assistance, and safety at the same time.

Now is the right time to equip your elderly parents’ vehicles with GPS tracking technology as the number of accidents involving older adults are on the rise.

Driving and traveling are extremely beneficial for older people. It helps keep their mind active and gives them a sense of independence as they approach their golden years. In 2014, a total of 4,192 individuals aged 70 and older died in motor vehicular crashes. Not only do you have to worry about the driver’s own safety, you also have to think about the welfare of the other pedestrians and motorists.

There happens to be a lot of issues surrounding senior drivers, but their overall physical condition is a major concern for other motorists. As an individual ages, their body becomes more and more fragile. So everything from losing their grip on the steering wheel to accidentally stepping on the accelerator is enough to cause accidents.

Another problem here is disorientation. Disorientation can ultimately lead elderly drivers to unfamiliar places, and they may get lost in the process. Lastly, elderly drivers are common targets for car theft. A GPS device for elderly drivers can serve as a method to track stolen vehicle quickly and to report the perpetrators to authorities.

With Trackimo, you can get real-time reports on their driving behavior, whereabouts, and movements. You may also use all these reports later on to determine if your driver is still fit to sit behind the wheel. This is a better option than undergoing screen tests as these reports may come in months late and a majority of them may not be accurate anymore.

Elderly Tracking System

Overall, GPS tracking systems serve as an added safety measure for a variety of situations. Because it is Internet-based, Trackimo’s software allows caregivers to monitor their elderly loved ones anytime, anywhere. It provides them ways to tend to emergency situations as quickly as possible and assure that their loved ones experience autonomy and independence.

Trackimo is not only beneficial for elderly, teens, and other family members can benefit from its state-of-the-art tracking technology as well. Installation is not an issue either as you only need to install the device with the Trackimo vehicle kit. After it is hardwired, users no longer need to worry about the tracking device ever running out of batteries.

You can provide better care for your beloved elderly driver with Trackimo. It is cost-effective, accurate, and is undoubtedly one of the leading GPS device for elderly drivers in the market today.



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