Drone Lands on a Moving Car

German engineers were able to ground a drone atop the roof of a racing car despite the fact that it encountered some obstacles in landing. Hence, the drone lands on a moving car flawlessly.

Successful Drone Lands on a Moving Car

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UAV Landing on a Car

Unmanned Systems Technology

The researchers at the German Aerospace Centre in charge of the project shared that this feat will help them find a way to create unmanned and solar-enabled aircraft that can stay on air for a longer time.

How the Stunt Was Completed

Just to heave off the stunt, they attached an Audi into the drone through a particularly modified cover frame that featured a stretchy net measuring for about 13 by 16 feet strung diagonally. It was a good thing the drone didn’t crash; if so, it would have contributed to the rise in drone-related accidents.

It is believed that this structure may perhaps make available an innovative way of recovering drone aircraft at the same time as on progress and with no need for bulky landing gear.

The unmanned independent aircraft will be capable of going on top of an Audi driving down a runway at 47mph (75km/h), German engineers have successfully facilitated an independent drone to land on the cover of a speeding car, which is expected to be a spectacular act.

Drone Landing Net


The netting was specifically created to contain the 44lbs (20 kg) drone, which would be additionally empowered with a 10 feet (three metre) wingspan which is meant to prevent it from hitting as well as destructing the car’s roof.

Arrays of computer algorithms are to be utilized in order to help land it smoothly on the bouncy platform.

The research, which was passed out at Mindelheim-Mattsies airfield in Bavaria, made use of an individual driver to be in charge of the car, which would be based on commands subjected by the computer which was built to control the landing procedure.

The innovative engineers have been able to design a trailing device that enables the drone to study visual indicators on the landing ‘platform’, simply for the purpose of landing the drone on the stirring car. It moreover assisted the aircraft to object the perfect landing point through exactness of 20 inches (50cm), this possibly will be useful in space, in the sense that solar planes flying between satellites in the stratosphere, some 12 miles (20km) on top of Earth, will possibly take additional scientific device and communications equipment. On a different note, it also would have been helpful if they used a drone GPS tracker as well to monitor the drone’s placement.

Drone Lands in a Moving Car


As part of future plans, an independent drone and independent car might converse among each other which are expected to be in charge of the landing with no human involvement, E&T reported. But the technique similar to which the drone lands on a moving car was initially developed to basically permit an aircraft to touch down with no landing gear.

It is however meant to lead to new means of landing helicopters, for example, in unstable situations.



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