Data Loggers vs Data Pushers

Global positioning systems, or known to the world as GPS, use tracking devices to be able to determine the subject’s exact location during real time. It can be stored in various places: through a database, within the tracking device, or through cloud technology.

A brief history of this technology is that it has evolved since the 1980s, wherein it was mostly used for military applications. But as time progressed, it is now available for civilians and most commonly found in smartphones.

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GPS Tracking System


It is important to be able to tell the difference between trackers before incorporating GPS technology in your daily routine.

Get to know both of these types below.

Data Loggers vs Data Pushers

Data Loggers

A data logger is a GPS logger that stores the position of its device in its internal memory. Nowadays, most GPS loggers have internal memory or come with a USB port or flash drive. Users can process the data using their computer.

Common examples that use this type are digital cameras. Data loggers keep the camera clock accurate and for certain devices even the location is set. Most smartphones or smartphone applications nowadays have geotagged capabilities, noting where and when the photo was taken. For other cases, these data loggers are used for private investigators to track down target vehicles, without the need to physically follow them.

Data Pushers

On the other hand, data pushers are the more common GPS tracking units and are common for monitoring company fleets. It works by sending the device’s current position to a server so the dispatcher can check on the current status of the vehicle. Information such as speeding, distress signals, and sudden brakes in the vehicle can also be sent in real time.

They generally come in two parts: the tracking device and the tracking software. A good example of this type of 3G GPS tracking device in the market is Trackimo. It utilizes leading technology that automatically locates your vehicle and is capable of sending this information through an application that can be checked through something as convenient as your mobile phone.

GPS Tracker

For commercial and personal users, it is a great idea to utilize GPS technology for making life or transactions easier. Its widespread popularity in the market makes it one of the greatest inventions to date.



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