Detect GPS Device

Given the GPS monitoring device’s function as a navigation or vehicle tracker, it’s not surprising if many use the device to spy on someone. Since it’s a tiny device, it can easily be hidden anywhere on the person, on his clothing, personal belongings, or in the car. If you think that somebody is tracking you using a tracker, here’s how you can detect GPS device:

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Examine Your Vehicle

Detect GPS

When you check your vehicle to detect GPS device, cover the axles, wheels, as well as the small gaps or holes. When checking the hard-to-see areas, touch the surfaces using your fingers and feel for a small gadget. If the 3G GPS gadget is like Trackimo, you are looking for a small-sized device, a bit smaller than a smartphone. Sometimes it’s slim like a credit card or it could look like an ordinary pen, sticks, and the likes.

Passive and Active Trackers: Detect GPS Device

Passive and active GPS trackers have their own distinct features and uses. Active tracking devices are usually hardwired into an electrical system of the vehicle, this is so it can have constant energy source because it transmits data in real-time.  Don’t expect this device to be seen in the open. Look for this kind of device in the vehicle’s fuse box, bumpers, or head light covers.

Passive trackers, on the other hand, are wireless—it can be placed in your pockets, pouches, or in the car without you knowing it. It gathers and keeps location information in the hard drive. If you’ve seen something suspicious inside your car that doesn’t belong there, most likely, someone put it there to snoop on you.

Use a GPS Bug Detector

The easiest way to detect GPS device on your vehicle is to use a GPS bug detector. The bug detectors will detect an electronic device by intercepting radio signals being sent by the device using a radio frequency signal. GPS trackers are usually not attached to metallic parts of the vehicle because it messes with the transmission process. Usually, hidden GPS devices are in places made of GPS-friendly materials like, foam, glass, and plastics. But sometimes, you will need to enlist the help of a mechanic to check your vehicle for any hidden trackers.



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