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Mom Sends Heart-Wrenching Letter to Son Who’...

In 1989, Jacob Wetterling was riding his bike in the local neighborhood of St. Joseph, Minnesota, when he was kidnapped by a hooded man. Twenty-six years had passed since that fateful day, but Jacob’s parents, Patty and Jerry, are still hopeful that someday, […]


A Beginner’s Guide to Photography

Now that virtually everyone seems to have a cell phone, it can be said that there are more photographers in the world than ever before. However, if you wish to progress beyond those basic iPhone snaps into something more artistic, […]


A Little Bit of History Developed, Lost, and Refou...

Cameras are such a common part of people’s lives nowadays, especially for our notable photographers. Some even use drones, like the Skye Drone for aerial photography. Many important newsworthy moments exist for us to study because so many people are […]