Hunters Hut Top 4 Bear Hunt Videos


Hunters love a challenge, but is there ever a time when Big Game really is too big? One of nature’s most fearsome predators is the bear.

Master of its domain, imposingly large and strong, and a crafty opponent, bears test the mettle of even the most experienced hunters. For those of us too timid to ever take on such a formidable opponent, we can still experience the thrill from videos shot by hunters intent on capturing the most dramatic moments of their time in the bush.

(Be warned that these videos contain some brief graphic content)





You Might Want To Look Behind You!

It seemed like a typical day for black bear hunting, but turned out to be an exercise in white-knuckle suspense. A Saskatchewan hunter and his buddy waited and looked for their quarry while perched in a tree stand. The bear that came into view quite suddenly decided to climb up their tree for a closer look at these humans.

The old advice about remaining absolutely still when a bear is nearby, paid off in this case. A second bear arrived soon after and a scuffle ensued between the two animals before the men were able to get a shot off with their bow.

Down but Not Out

The hunters in the previous video received a vivid reminder that bears can be remarkably fast for their size. The men in this one had the same lesson when the bear they wounded decided to charge.

Captured from alternate angles on a handheld camera and a Go Pro mounted on one of their firearms, the sequence reminds everyone to never write off a wounded animal.

Not Even When You See the Whites of Its Eyes

Not all close encounters with bears end up with hunters taking home a trophy. This archer and his partners decided to go for an extra level of challenge by using an area clear of trees. When a bear approached their bait, they have no way of seeing the animal until it was almost right on top of them. That led to a suspenseful waiting game – was the bear interested enough to investigate these humans up close?

The Hunters are now the Hunted

Finally, here is one for those who like to see the bears win. Some hunters stalking caribou found that nature had a surprise for them. After running across bear tracks, the men discovered a bigger adversary better able to take care of itself than any old deer. Was the bear planning to attack, or was it just reminding humans that they best tread carefully in the wilderness?

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