Hunters Hut Top 4 Bear Hunt Videos

Hunters love a challenge, but is there ever a time when Big Game really is too big? One of nature’s most fearsome predators is the bear.

Master of its domain, imposingly large and strong, and a crafty opponent, bears test the mettle of even the most experienced hunters. For those of us too timid to ever take on such a formidable opponent, we can still experience the thrill from videos shot by hunters intent on capturing the most dramatic moments of their time in the bush.

(Be warned that these videos contain some brief graphic content)

The Grizzly Bears Got Lucky

Tim Wells, a bow hunter, sets out his journey deep in the forest hunting a grizzly bear with nothing but only a spear in his hands. Going miles more and awake from dawn to dusk, Tim records his close encounters with bears. First, he spots a bear moving along the tree line but as closes the distance, the bear smelled him at the lost moment. Second, he creeps under big rocks as a bear moves just above as his cameraman breathes heavier. Lastly, he readies while the grizzly bear circles the bait. But to Tim’s frustration, he did not catch any grizz.

The Hunter Got Hunted

A man tries to hide in the swaps with his camera and a set of bow and arrow. At a distant, he sees a black bear sniffing around. He growls to get the bears attention and succeeded on his intent. Yet the bear sprints towards him and the man shouts in fear. Unbelievably the hunter was only left bruised from the whole thing.

Hardwork Paid Off

Mike Boone sets traps around the forest and reveals exhausting all of his resources for the past three, long months. Mike hides above a tree post and arrows a bear from a distance. With bleeding body from the shot, the black bear runs off and then he follows its tracks. He founds the bear dead and records the momentous catch of his first bear.

Pretty Close But Not Enough

A man wearing his camouflage shirt and jeans hold his arrow against an approaching gigantic brown bear. Caught in the footage, he shouts as the bear approaches and its nose touches the tip of the man’s arrow. Probably shocked and afraid, the man acted a little too late when he only arrows the bear as it walks three yards away. He tries to shoot again only to scare away the bear and fails his expedition in bear hunting.

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