Role of LED Light

LED light bulbs are everywhere today, from streets to homes to offices. They do not only allow people to save money, but they offer some other incredible benefits as well.

Various reports suggest that LED lights help save $20 billion in energy costs, helping countries save valuable resources.

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If you are still confused about whether to replace your current light technology into LED or not, here are 7 reasons to buy LED lights:

Why You Should Consider Buying LED Lights

1. Reduced Energy Consumption

If you’re getting heavy bills every month, then maybe your light bulbs are to blame. Traditional bulbs are said to consume a lot of energy to produce light but LED lights dosn’t. Replacing traditional bulbs will cut down your monthly electricity bills to a great amount.

LED lights are said to consume 50% lesser energy than all the other light technologies, hence, cost is reduced.

2. Extended Life

Incandescent light bulbs fail and burn out but LED bulbs do not. Depending on the quality, a LED bulb, can produce a good amount of light for 30,000 to 50,000 hours easily. If you buy from a name like SOMPOR lights, your lights may end up running for even longer periods of time as they produce very high quality products.

On the other hand, incandescent bulbs can only last for about 1000 hours while a CFL bulb for 10,000 hours at max.

Since LED lights have an expected life, they reduce replacement cost and save you money.

3. Instant Brightness

Unlike CFL bulbs, LED bulbs produce maximum brightness the moment they are switched on. In case of CFL bulbs, they take a few seconds to reach the right level of brightness.

4. Dimmable Light

LED lights allow you to customize the brightness as per your needs. This will require you to install a dimmer with its connection to control the level of brightness you want your LED to produce. High-quality LED lights can dim up to 10%, saving you even more energy.

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5. They Don’t Heat Up

LED bulbs are said to consume 80% of the energy, wasting only a 20%. Meaning, they release less heat compared to CFL and traditional bulbs and stay cooler even after hours of operation.

6. Brighter

LED lights can produce more brightness compared to other lights. About 50 lumens is what a 10 Watt LED can produce. For a traditional bulb to produce the same amount of light, a 75 Watt bulb is needed.

7. Operates in Cold Temperature Too

CFL and traditional bulbs do not operate to their full power when the temperature is low. This is because when temperature goes low, these bulbs require more power to brighten up. In contrast, LED lights show greater performance when the temperature is cold.

It is a good choice to install LEDs in the outdoor area of your home so that cold temperature doesn’t affect its performance.

The Verdict

Now that you know the benefits of LED lights, make sure to turn to them right away and enjoy all the advantage they have to offer.


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