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Be careful when flying your drone. Don’t be overcome by the excitement of having your first drone and fly it right after getting it out of its box without bothering to read the instructions on the manual.

What is a drone?

Also called quadcopter, basically, a drone is a flying robot. Though it flies unmanned, they are piloted by its owner using a remote control with the help of a software embedded into the device. The military had been using it for a long time for spying and saving lives, but it only gained public interest in the recent years. Why not? With its autonomous flying, it can do many things for us. Even Hollywood is using it! As long as you have a few hundred dollars to spare, you can own one.

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Student Tries Selling Crash-Landed Drone

It can’t be helped. Anything that flies has to land at some point—even birds do—be it because it ran out of battery or because of some glitch. Here’s a fascinating story that happened in Italy:

A 24-year old college student in Bologna, Italy, was arrested by Italian postal police after attempting to sell a drone that had emergency-landed on his apartment’s terrace last October. The student had posted the drone, a privately operated Microdrones quad-rotor helicopter owned by Italian startup Eye Sky, on Subito.it, an online auction site. The asking price for the $40,000 drone—1,000 euros [$1,300].

The next time Eye Sky buys a drone, they better attach a GPS drone tracking device on it to keep other people from selling crash-landed drone. It has a GPS so if ever the drone flies away again, they will be able to locate it immediately. They won’t have to check every online auction site to find the missing object.

As for the student who tried selling crash-landed drone, he could be fined and be sentenced to up to one year in prison, if convicted.

Selling Crash-Landed Drone

Drone and Quadcopter

If you find another drone that crashed on your rooftop or garden, you may post it online, but don’t say it’s for sale. Instead, help the owner get it back.



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