Uses of GPS

Thanks to GPS tracking device, you no longer have to worry about losing your valuables. Be it a car, a cellphone, or anything that is important to you, it can now be easily traced using a GPS tracking device. The GPS technology is actually intended for tracking, but it has been evolving in the past years and it is now being incorporated into other devices as functionalities.

GPS trackers have a lot of amazing applications. You can get a customized GPS tracking device suitable for a particular use, or you can simply utilize your smartphone’s internal GPS for general purposes. The best thing about it is that mobile signal is not needed for the GPS to work.

So what are the other uses and benefits of using a GPS tracking device?

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1. Locating positions

Locating Position

This is the main and most common application of GPS—tracking locations. Suppose you are hiking with your friends and you get separated, GPS can help you find one another’s location.

If you are going on a road trip or are traveling to a place you’re not familiar with, GPS can assist you arrive at your destination safely and on time by showing you the best route or shortcut available going to your destination.

2. Granting easy access to emergency road side support


In case you encounter an accident or any emergency in an isolated area and need immediate assistance, you can call pre-programmed emergency numbers on your smartphone. Even without giving location details, emergency crew will be able to trace your current location.

3. Preventing car theft

Preventing Car Theft

GPS tracker is an excellent anti-theft device. Integrating GPS tracking device on your vehicle will allow you to trace and locate it in case your car is stolen by someone. There are already several reports of recovered stolen vehicles, thanks to GPS technology.

4. Mapping and surveying

Mapping and Surveying

GPS can also be used in mapping and surveying project. The use of GPS in surveying saves companies time and cost. This is the best way to survey positions in the shortest time possible. The project could be mapping of highways, power lines, crops, soil types, rivers etc.

5. Tracking


GPS can also be used by police and investigators in pursuing criminals. The authorities will just have to slickly attach a tiny GPS tracking device on the suspect’s vehicle to track the crime location. GPS can help them collect useful evidences.

Special forces in covert operations can also benefit from using the technology so the operation commander can monitor your movements, whether you are safe or will need support.

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Trevor Wilson