Police Departments Seek Help from GPS Technology in Catching Criminals

GPS tracking technology proves to be a useful tool in all kinds of businesses or even for personal matters. Seeing the benefits it brings, many police departments have started catching criminals using GPS tracking to help improve performance and increase success rate of their operations. They use it for criminal surveillance as well as managing police force.

Here’s how GPS tracking technology makes the police officers’ job easier.

GPS for Managing the Police Force

One of the important ways a GPS device can help the police force is by managing remote resources. Tracking device usage isn’t just for tracking criminals, police officers too are monitored. Police officers who are on duty are recommended to use GPS device to make sure that they are at their assigned areas. This is in response to some complaints the department has been receiving about the absence of police officers that are supposed to be manning a certain area but are nowhere to be seen.

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Catching Criminals Using GPS Tracking

GPS tracker can help police officers monitor and track down criminals. If they are able to secretly connect GPS tracking to the suspect’s vehicle, the police will be able to monitor the activities and discover the gang’s hideouts. With this, evidence gathering for the prosecution will be an easy task.

Tracking Paroled Inmates with GPS

A lot of countries grant prisoners a time outside prison but with conditions and any violation will revoke the release. So it’s important that their activities are tracked to ensure that the inmates are following the provisions given. Installing a GPS device on the prisoner’s vehicle will make it easy for police officers to monitor their movements without requiring physical appearance. Officers can even use the benefits of geo-fencing and auto-fencing feature to make sure that the prisoner hasn’t left the predefined areas.

Finding Closest Officer to a Crime Scene

This is another advantage of installing GPS tracking device on police vehicles. When a crime occurs, catching criminals using GPS tracking will be easier. The administrator can easily see who are the police officer on duty near the crime location. In emergency situations, the police officer will be able to respond quickly since they are nearer. The updated traffic information on different routes is also accessible from the device, which the police officers can utilize in finding the shortest path with less traffic.

Hence, GPS tracking solution is indeed helpful to police departments in dealing with crime and managing their force.



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