Tracking your Kids

Statistics of missing children—whether by abduction, running away, or getting lost—are slowly on the rise. Parents have taken advantage of GPS technology when it comes to addressing this problem. But even with the alarming number of missing children and the easy accessibility to GPS in the market, there are still a number of parents who are not on board with using GPS tracking devices on their children.

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Using a GPS tracking unit to monitor children is an added safety method. It should be noted that even if parents or babysitters keep a watchful eye on the kids, the slight misstep will result in something tragic.

GPS tracking devices do not just monitor your children’s whereabouts, there are more advanced models in the market today. For example, Trackimo gives parents the convenience of setting a safety perimeter and double-check if their children cross the fenced area. Do not get the idea that you are deterring your child’s freedom in the process because at times like this, safety should be the number one priority.

GPS tracking units mean more than just a tool to fight against abductions. It should be noted that missing children are not just a result of child predators, but even when they are on the grocery store or during school events, they can get lost. GPS trackers are the most effective solution in addressing these types of occurrences, and it saves you and your children the time and emotional energy spent panicking over the situation.

It should be emphasized that the use of GPS tracking devices is not a result of mistrust, although it still is an issue for some especially the older children. They do not also mean discouraging independence, instead parents should view it as a way to keep them in check. Parents don’t necessarily need to bury their nose on their children’s business at all times, the thought of having a device equipped with emergency buttons to alert them during emergency situations is enough to lessen the worry when they let their kids go out on their own. Tracking devices like Trackimo have features like sending distress signals to you in case of an emergency situation.

The only way to properly incorporate GPS tracking units into the child’s routine is to be open to them about it. As parents, you need to state why this is needed and what are the terms of use. This usually allows them to consider it themselves and worry less about their privacy being invaded. Make sure you teach them how it works as well, and leave no detail out to really make the most out of your GPS device.

As children grow older, the same technology can be applied when they get their driver’s license and are out on the road on their own. You may also incorporate GPS on all of your family vehicles to keep it on check.

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At the end of the day, GPS tracking devices have numerous benefits for ensuring the safety of the children. It is recommended that parents discuss how the tracking system works before actually using it. Know that with the number of dangerous situations threatening us everyday, it is always best to be prepared.

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Amanda Thomas