Houseboat Security

Tourists have perished in houseboat accidents, and in Kerala, India, lead officials said that using GPS tracking devices would be necessary to create a safer environment, even for houseboats, for both locals and tourists.

The new GPS tracking program is currently being piloted by Kerala authorities, and a total of 100 houseboats have already been outfitted with their own trackers as the government believes that this will allow for them to maintain awareness. These houseboats have been popular among tourists but have been proven dangerous, particularly in the backwater areas of Kerala.

GPS technology will be used to track the location of the said houseboats and will monitor what’s happening with the vessels. Officials are also considering using a “geo-fence,” which is an additional security measure besides the GPS tracking devices. The fence will immediately alert owners of any variations or alterations in the anticipated route of the houseboats, which could cause an accident or could influence a possible decrease in criminal activity.

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Tourists will also benefit from these programs because they will know where the houseboats will be at all times due to the GPS and geo-fence’s ability to track locations.

While India pioneered in this project, it is not the only country that could benefit from it, if given the chance. The United States, for instance, could be one of these countries.

It will improve safety on the water, but it has other uses, like provide others who are not in the vessel—a peace of mind. Family members would be able to know where their loved ones are at all times and  businesses that rent watercraft could keep track of where their own vessels are located, preventing theft of said rentals.

Trackimo Device

The use of the 3G GPS tracking devices like Trackimo on water can mean life and death. Having a tracker, for instance, could minimize loss from accidents at sea because the help could be dispatched to the scene quickly and directly to the location of the vessel, which saves a lot of time normally used for searching and can therefore help save lives.

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