GPS Is Helping Students

GPS (global positioning system) has stunned society with all the many ways of making life better across the world. It helps archaeologists, soldiers, and doctors in their professional careers. Given that students have stressful deadlines, they may use it as well. It always seems that no matter how many pages a student has written in how many papers, there’s always more to be completed. You watch the word count start at 100, then 1000, and even 3000 words, but there are always more papers to write no matter how many pages you have done.

But with GPS, some things can be done easier and students are kept safe as they carry out their tasks. And the list does not end there.

5 Ways GPS Is Helping Students

There are many ways GPS can make people’s life better, particularly students! Here are just a few:

1. Research

Any student in college will find that they have a lot of research to do for major papers. Although a significant part of this work can be done online, sometimes you’re going to find that a paper requires research in a dusty room somewhere. This usually means spending time at archives and libraries off campus.

College Student Research


Saving time and energy is important when deadlines have to be met, and GPS can show the location of that archive for you and, most importantly, show you where it is!

2. Lectures

I’ve been there and so have you: you’ve got that new class, but you’re new on campus. This is one of the most important ways GPS is helping students—it saves you the most time at the most important moments. You don’t want to walk into class late and get that disapproving stare from the professor.

Having the building where your next class is clearly marked on a GPS map makes those new classes easy to find. Besides that, how else are you going to find the cafeteria or the library?

3. Security

This is important for anyone these days. Violence and assault have been on the rise at college campuses, with studies showing that 11% of people experience some form of illegal violence on university and college grounds. More surprising is that at least 20% of female students are likely to be sexually assaulted there.

Student Security

Campus Safety Magazine

More than ever, having a GPS can alert campus security if you are under threat of assault, robbery, or some other form of violence.

4. Food

All of that work makes a person hungry and you have to make sure that your tummy isn’t distracting you from getting that degree. You might be wondering how many pages is 3000 words and if that is enough for this paper, but hunger will make it hard to think. Doing it the old way means looking up different places in the area, and then trying to figure out where you are and where they are. If you need to find takeout fast and easy, this is where GPS tracking will come to your aide, once again.

Rather than going through the bother of other apps, GPS will allow you to not only locate a fast food place, but will even show you exactly how far away you are from it and how to get there, making choosing which restaurant to go to a lot easier.

5. Party!


The New York Times

Party is perhaps the most important part of unwinding and blowing off steam after barely meeting that deadline or completing that exam. So you get yourself invited, then call up your friends, and find out they’re going to this party. That night, you’re ready to go, everyone is on their way there, and then it hits you: you know it’s happening, but you don’t know where it is! Even after you find out the address, you can’t be sure how to get there from where you are.

The address is all that you need with GPS, with it, you will know not only where the party is happening, but how far you are from it and how to get there! If you’re new in this town and are going to meet up with friends at a bar, this will also help you to realize where you are and where you need to go, especially on those nights where things can get a little hazy!

These five reasons for students are just a few out of many to have a GPS tracking device as a college student, proving once again that this is technology making life better.



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