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Tour operators are now offering adventure holidays in remote mountainous regions and often in high altitudes around the world. In these areas, medical facilities are scarce, and the trips can be dangerous for inexperienced travelers. There are companies that provide their own medically trained staff, but they must also rely on doctors in the groups on holiday—if there’s any—to provide help. This is why travel adventures preparation is strongly needed.

The Need for Travel Adventures Preparation

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There are a lot of potential problems that they are looking into. For instance, acute mountain sickness is common; but when treated wrongly, it can prove to be potentially fatal. This usually happens when people exceed their recommended rates of ascent. In some cases, basic rules of mountaineering are ignored, and others get considerable delays in treatment for the fear of disrupting the group’s itinerary. In many cases, people are unaware of the severity of traveling to high altitudes.

This raises several concerns including the lack of travel adventures preparation information given to tourists before departure about the risks they are taking when going to certain destinations and the lack of standard medical care and safety provided by tour operators at the travel destinations.

Few tour operators provide the right guidance or travel adventures preparation for such travels. It is not their fault alone, though. Government trading standard regulations should also be clear on the information about health formalities that are required for such journeys, but this has been interpreted mainly as to the information relating to recommended vaccinations.

Tourists could arrive at these destinations without any travel adventures preparation or knowledge on the risks of the environment or the lack of medical facilities, if they have not been informed by their travel companies beforehand. Local guides could be more focused on their clients’ enjoyment rather than their safety and may not be at all helpful when the need for medical intervention arises.



Today, informed consent to the public is necessary for their travel adventures preparation, especially when it comes to the discussion of potential risks or health and safety. This is why tour companies and operators should take it upon themselves to give clients detailed information, including the risks of their chosen travel adventure so that they can make informed decisions regarding their visits. Adhering to the best medical standards and safety practices including bringing portable hiking GPS units should be mandatory as it’s necessary to keep them safe and prevent acute mountain sickness and other conditions.



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