Portable Hiking GPS Unit

People who are into hiking are people who love being outdoors. Tramping through the trails gives hikers the feeling of freedom and satisfaction. But just like any other outdoor recreation, the sense of freedom you experience when you’re out hiking in an unfamiliar wilderness could turn into danger if you lose your way.

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GPS Tracker for Hiking

But with the emergence of GPS technology, getting lost is not a problem anymore. There are many models of a portable hiking GPS unit that hikers can choose from to take on their trips. These devices are capable of tracking the user’s movements and showing their current location and where their final destination is, allowing the hikers to trace their way back to their origin. Plus these portable hiking GPS units allow users to download background images like topographical maps of their hiking location.

Things to Remember When Buying Portable Hiking GPS Unit

1. Longer Battery life

It’s important that choose a GPS tracker with long battery life. The average life span of some GPS trackers for backpacking could be around 15 to 20 hours. If you’re going for a longer hike, this may be a problem; in this case, you need to bring an extra set of batteries. Tracking device like Trackimo has a life span of up to 96 hours depending on how you often you update your position, making it a great choice as far as battery is concerned.

2. Size and weight

You also need to consider the size of the device. Heavy or bulky tracking units are not ideal. Opt for a smaller lightweight unit that is not difficult to carry. The device is tiny enough to fit in your palm, you can put it inside your pocket or clip on your backpack.

3. Durability

Since you will use the device for outdoor activities, make sure that the portable hiking GPS unit you will buy is sturdy and can withstand various rough situations. It should be water-resistant or covered with some form of strong or rubberized casing to protect it against wet weather or drop impact.

Portable Hiking GPS Unit

For a safe adventure, nothing beats advance preparation—complete gear, equipment, food, and water. Having these things, as well as a portable hiking GPS unit are essential to keep you safe while following a trail or tramping to a new terrain.



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