How GPS Tracking Helps Identify Bad Fleet Employees Part 2

Through tracking fleet employee, identifying employees engaging in bad working behaviors will be easier. In addition, fleet managers will be able to address the problem effectively to ensure that the business will continue to be a success.

In the first part of this series, we tackled two characteristics of a bad employee and how a GPS tracking device can help fleet managers counter it. In this second installment of the two-part article, we are going to discuss two more undesirable behaviors of a bad employee. We will also be talking about the role of GPS tracking in eliminating these employee behaviors.

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How Tracking Fleet Employee Helps Identify Unproductive Workers

Two more characteristics of a bad employee are milking the clock and having billing issues. Perhaps, some employers are not concerned about their employees rendering overtime. But if only they knew that it’s completely unnecessary, then they will change their mind. It’s understandable that employees want to earn more, but they shouldn’t do it in a deceitful way. Lingering in the working site after the shift and acting as if they are still working so they can claim extra pay is considered milking the clock. As a fleet business owner, how will you avoid this?

Tracking fleet employee can monitor the field employee’s activities and log the exact time they started until they finish a certain task.  This feature can provide you the needed proof to determine if your field employee is being honest with you or not.

Another problem is the billing issue. If a field personnel charges your customer more than necessary, that would be difficult. You don’t want your customer to be angry because that could mark the end of your business. Therefore, you have to take care of your bad employees. It’s important for your employees to have the accountability for their actions. The solution is to utilize a GPS monitoring device to track customer billing. By checking the employee GPS tracker history log, you will see the exact time your employee started and the time they completed their job. The data is accessible anytime in your computer

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To be able to identify bad employees easily is just one of the many benefits of GPS tracking. Without it, the company will only continue to spend more money to pay for an employee who isn’t good for the company. To be able to recognize a bad employee is an important step toward the success of your business.



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