Using Tracking Devices to Keep Disabled Loved Ones Safe

Most people with disabilities are often left fending for themselves, whether their loved ones have work or children to take care of. Most of the time, people think of them as an afterthought instead of the priority. When disaster strikes, there is little that they can do but await the help of others, may it be an ambulance or police officers checking the scene.

Of course, they are not entirely helpless, and if you equip them with the right devices in case of emergencies, they can help themselves by alerting their loved ones to take immediate action.

Every year, thousands of these disabled persons find themselves unprepared; however, here are some reasons these tracking devices are necessities when you have a loved one who’s physically disabled.

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Overall Stats

Disabled People

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An estimated 27% of disabled persons between the ages 21 and 64 are living below poverty, making luxury security items like home alarms and other warning devices simply not affordable.

Most disabled people in need of a lot of care are usually seniors; however, statistics showed that emergency situations are not exclusive to them, and should emergency situations arise, it is important that proper care and attention be given. But the thing is, this is not always possible—which is why GPS tracking is important.

Devices like Trackimo, for instance, make GPS tracking affordable, making it easier for people to acquire the devices. In 2010, nearly 35,000 individuals with disabilities were victims of rape, while another 97,000 were robbed. The Bureau of Justice Statistics reported that around 280,000 violent crimes happen to people with disabilities, many of which could have been prevented if only they had a proper tracking technology.

Addressing Their Needs

When a disabled mother or father heads out for a stroll, you need to know that they will be returned home safely. Violent crimes involving disabled folks have become more prevalent, so it is important that you are assured of their safety.

This is why it is important to keep track of them with the use of GPS devices. While you may not be there physically, you could at least make sure that they are safe, so talk to them about the necessity of having a tracker on them, even though sometimes it’s not too comfortable for them.

Possible Solutions


Trackimo has the most accurate tracking device around, which is why it is the perfect solution for you to keep track of your disabled loved ones even when you’re not with them. Using the same single button technology for alerting authorities, the device proactively works with mobile phone apps and allow you to log in online to see where your loved ones are. Should their present location not coincide with places you expect them to be in, you can immediately call them to check their whereabouts or situation or even head directly to their location.

A total of 537,000 crimes were committed against people with disabilities in 2010. Many other crimes result in death, so instead of worrying where your loved ones are and whether or not they will be part of the statistics, buy yourself some peace of mind by looking into tracking devices—it’s a way for you to take care of your loved ones amidst your busy life.




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