Teenagers Driving Statistics

Teenagers are bad drivers, and teenagers driving statistics prove it. Teenagers don’t like to be treated like a child, but these problems will only stop if they stop acting like one. Teens should know how to be a mature and responsible driver, that driving is not simply traveling from one place to another, it involves being somewhat responsible for the lives of the pedestrians.

Below is an itemized list of facts about teen driving.

Teenagers Driving Statistics

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Teen Driving

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Hard Facts on Teen Driving


  • Every year, more than 74,000 teenagers die or are injured because they did not wear seat belts
  • 20% of 16-year-old drivers meet accidents in their first year of driving
  • Among the most important element in safe driving is the attitude
  • Teen drivers are responsible for 67% of teen passenger deaths
  • About 34% of deadly crashes involving teens are due to over-speeding
  • Based on the data collected by the California Office of Traffic Safety, 16-year-old drivers have a higher probability of being killed in a car crash 20 times more than adults
  • A vehicular accident is three times more likely to happen at night, per mile
  • The only way to make yourself ready for harsh weather driving is to practice driving in all weather condition
  • 34% of car accidents happen at intersections
  • 25% of teen drivers involved in car accidents have a high amount of alcohol in their body

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If teen drivers don’t want to be included in teenagers driving statistics, they have to follow road rules such as no drinking and texting while driving to avoid accidents. They may also install a reliable GPS tracking device such as Trackimo on their car. The device has a feature that will greatly help them prevent accidents. The device can detect and give a warning when the driver is over-speeding. It will also give the parents a peace of mind as they will be informed of their teenager’s whereabouts.

We hope that you utilize this information as a guide for you to make a correct judgment and improve your driving skills to eventually keep you and the people on the road safe.

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