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Tanzanian Government to Fight Poachers with Drones

The government of Tanzania has already released legislation that supports the flying of drones in the state area where the Tarangire National Park is located. This unmanned aerial vehicle technology will be then used to fight poachers with drones and reduce […]


UK Concerned About Drone Safety Issues

It is now official that for every resident of Devon or Cornwall, especially those that so happen to be in possession of an unmanned aerial device (otherwise known as drones), there is a law stipulating that such citizens cannot fly their […]


Firefighters Fighting Fire Near Waianae Nui Ridge ...

Without a doubt, the popularity of drones, whether attached with a GPS tracking device or not, is increasing daily and many more people are joining the fan club. Enthusiasts for this unmanned aerial vehicle can be found in almost all […]


MITIE Applies Drone Technology For Pest Control

Drones have been here for a while now and people find use for them daily, other than the military purpose for which it was initially created. Right now, looking for such applications has led to the discovery that in the near […]


New Drone Laws Contradict With FAA Rules

A spokesman has expressed concerns over drone laws contradict FAA—that is, new laws in Oklahoma City which may be in conflict with the already established rules and regulations of the FAA in the region. The new law, which seeks to […]


Affordable Drones You Can Buy for Under $500

Are you looking for a drone but are on a tight budget? Then this cheap drones guide has you covered. Here, you will find affordable drones under $500 that you can connect to your GoPro or any action camera. Cheap Drones […]