Stop Bike Theft

Bikes are among the things that can easily be stolen because of its size and portability, especially if you don’t care enough to lock them properly in their parking spaces. Many people don’t bother tracking their bikes, and even the best locks are too easy to cut through—that’s just the sad reality of it and we must stop bike theft this time.

Fortunately, technology is on the right side of justice. And the good news is, there are a lot of products of technology we can use to solve the dilemma that is bike theft. One is through GPS tracking.

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Stop Bike Theft


How to Stop Bike Theft Using GPS Trackers

There are GPS bike trackers that have a lot of the same sensors as a smartphone, and some even have a cellular connection, an accelerometer, and a GPS chip. You can clip it onto the frame of your bike and hide it cleverly to prevent robbers from ripping it right off. The device can then keep you up-to-date on the whereabouts of your bike. It can give you notifications once the bike is moved from its designated parking spot, which makes the device quite handy.


It is also fairly accurate, so one way the device can help you stop bike theft is to let you know where your bike is at fixed intervals, and you can even tell if someone has crashed into it, thanks to the device’s built-in accelerometer.

If you want to learn more about the GPS device, like Trackimo, for instance, and how it can help you stop bike theft, just visit their official Web site—but is there any doubt at all that a tracking device could be the great anti-theft solution to a big problem in society? Trackimo is effective and inexpensive, so why not grab at the chance to get a unit now and prevent bike theft?



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