Spear Hitting Drone

Drones are great and a lot of fun to play with but critics have raised two big concerns which are basically potential safety issues and privacy violations. The incident that involved the toddler and the eye he lost as a result of the drone mishap is still fresh in the hearts of many. Despite having drone usage privacy guidelines, some adverse occurrences are still unavoidable. The issue of privacy be it real or a fallacy has caused quite a stir in recent times and an entire legal case was based mostly around someone who caused the incident – spear hitting drone. The most interesting take down to date, however, that of the Russian man and his spear is probably.

Spear Hitting Drone by a Medieval Reenactor 

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Guy Throws Spear at Drone


How Did It Happen?

Very little is known about this brave man except that he was present at the history festival that was said to be taking place in central Russia and that he obviously wasn’t too impressed with a drone that was ruing their retro gathering with its modernity. One moment the drone was hovering above getting aerial shots of the group and the next it was recording its last moments as a spear came flying from the ground towards its rotors effectively knocking it out of the sky. Thus, causing the drone hit by a spear (spear hitting drone) to fall from the sky.

Privacy and Safety Issues

Consumer-type drones are very common and more models are developed every year. At the same time, they have garnered quite a few enemies with many of these enemies detesting their very presence in the sky. In line with this, the use of a GPS tracking device to monitor drones would be advisable for users. Nosy neighbors can wrongly utilize these drones to peep over fences and other privacy barriers to see what their neighbors were up to and those at the other end of the drone being spied on have very few legal resources to act on. The legal battles surrounding the airspace over private property continue to create arguments and squabbles over one’s right to privacy versus another person’s right to fly their drone.

Drone Shot by a Spear

Daily Mail

Human beings aren’t alone in the class of living things to have taken down drones. A kangaroo recently pulled one out of the sky after the drone continued to follow it around. Humans have even used animals as anti-drone weapons. The Dutch, for example, has trained eagles grabbing drones out of the sky.

The bottom line is there needs to be a coordinated effort that will create better regulations for drone use and we need to see people becoming more responsible in their drone activity. If this is not the case, the case of drones being brought down from the sky for one reason or the other will continue to rise.



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