Man vs. Drones

Drones, unmanned as they come and in-spite of a lot of drone privacy advice, can easily be a lot of trouble and object of hate among humans. Mostly due to the natural instinct of man to want privacy and with the build of these drones going against such. Even when these drones mean no harm, it is always hard to tell, and the natural need to protect personal privacy can drive many into venting their anger in different ways against these craft. This man vs. drones war got to new heights when a drone—as innocent as its mission might have been—was attacked by a clammer who was ready to destroy the whole of the drone, but for some sheer luck, missed.

Man Vs. Drones: War Goes On

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The drone, operated by Christopher Seufert, was flown over a small island, and the drone enthusiast might have had a very large percentage of hope in being able to capture spectacular images and picturesque appearances of the water, coastline, and natural oceanic beauty and as well obtain some video recording, which would go on to serve as a part of a shell-fishing documentary in the future. Seufert, however, man vs. drones war was proved as he got more than what he bargained for when instead of him getting his recording and images, he got his drone attacked by a rake from a clammer.

Seufert, in the video posted online not so long ago, showed the clammer who was tilling the soil on Tern Island’s muddy banks angrily surge toward the drone while wielding his rake. With a sharp and very potent aim, he directed his rake with so much venom at the drone with no other aim in his mind than to destroy the whole device altogether. Fortunately for Christopher (and ultimately, unfortunately for the clammer), the rake missed the drone.

Before Seufert shared the interesting video online, he took time to protect the privacy of the clammer in question by blurring out his face in what can be called a professional courtesy. Seufert also, being a professional filmmaker and photographer, played out the video in slow motion and added some music to it to spice things up. At the end of the video, the clearly vexed clammer left the buzzing drone in search of his rake.

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Seufert, surprised at the kind of treatment that his drone was subjected to, said, “Once I realized that, to put it lightly, the guy didn’t want me around, I left. It was obviously a pretty surprising reaction.”

Seufert himself has confirmed that the video was at least two weeks old but is not so surprised as this would not be the first time he had encountered such hostility from people due to his drone. According to the filmmaker, it was no new experience as he had been met before by an individual who did not approve of his unmanned, flying companion.

In incidents like this, drone owners should probably guide and monitor their drones with a GPS tracking device. This way, it would be safer and avoiding losing or crashing your drone would be easy.



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