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When you are out in a remote wilderness for an outdoor adventure or traveling to a new place, you should always be ready for the unexpected. What if you or your hiking buddy falls down in a ravine or gets pinned by a huge boulder, with one of you unable to help the other because of an injury or because your cell phones can’t get a signal. You’ll get stuck in that lonely place for a long period until help comes, which will most likely take a day or two. Good thing there is now a new technology we call satellite personal tracker or simply SPOT.

Satellite Personal Tracker: What It Is and How It Works

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Satellite Personal Tracker for outdoor buffs
Satellite personal tracker or SPOT is a type of GPS tracking system that has been around in the market since 2007. It’s a small, compact, and rugged tracking device designed for outdoor use. Besides being a life-saving tool for outdoor buffs, the device has some other various practical applications in all parts of the world.

The satellite personal tracker or SPOT is also helpful in monitoring elderly parents or young children. It has a feature that functions similar to that of an SOS button in GPS trackers, which allows a person to ask for help in case of an emergency, like when an elderly driver with dementia suddenly finds himself lost and unable to find his way back home or a child is being abducted.

Such emergency situations can be avoided with the help of SPOT. The user can set up alerts and share their whereabouts to their chosen contacts so they will be alerted in case the user needs their help. In addition, 911 alert is also available in this device, which, when dialed, will automatically send an alert containing the user’s current location to the local emergency response center. The advantage of this device is it continuously provides the authorities of the user progress, so even if you are on the move while in distress, the authorities will still be able to follow you.

You might ask, how does satellite personal tracker different from other GPS systems? It’s pretty accurate in giving out your exact coordinate because satellite technology is never offline; therefore, signal is always available. It’s literally better than a cellphone as the later’s signal is based on the network’s coverage. There’s no better technology in keeping your loved ones safe than the SPOT.



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