Missing Drone Fliers

A drone enthusiast who could not find his unmanned aerial device anymore after somehow falling of his grid has resorted to help from the general public by putting up missing drone fliers to help locate it faster.

This was seen before in May when a concerned owner put up such fliers in Silicon Valley, and now, a Forbes reader has found one of such signs pasted to a telephone pole in Del Mar’s neighborhood of San Diego, just near the beach side.

Fliers of a Missing Drone

The Spread of Missing Drone Fliers

The sign follows the template of one you might draw up if you had just lost your favorite pet with a picture of the Heli max quadcopter attached to the flyer. A short description of the drone was also given, stating its color to be grey and green. And in the end, it promised a reward to anyone who finds it. A number to call was also released alongside and the name Poseidon written underneath.

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Lost Drone
Poseidon, however, is not the name of the missing device but rather the name of the location where the owner hopes the quadcopter would be brought to if it is found.

According to Roy Loon, the owner of the drone, “That’s just the name of the restaurant where I hoped they’d bring the drone.” Unfortunately, though, Roy is still yet to find his beloved drone.

Loon works as a handyman for a hotel nearby and, during lunch hours, likes to take out his drone to the beach to fly it. Although not tech savvy, Loon just makes use of this moment to unwind.

How the Drone Went Missing

He said that just a month ago, he took his drone out as usual to fly it and, with the intent of pressing the return button, mistakenly pressed another, which made the Heli max take off. The Heli max is equipped with a special return-to-pilot button that guides the device on autopilot to fly itself back to the operator. Being in a blind spot behind a lifeguard’s station, Loon could not pinpoint where exactly the drone went to after that. Although he had been posting signs around to get his $120 merchandise back, he had not received calls from anyone at all to claim to have found it.

Loon has admitted to the fact that his drone was equipped with a camera, but he said that the camera does not give its video feedback in real time and he just went to the beach to fly it, “not a peeping tom thing.” Assumptions might, however, be made if someone found the drone lying somewhere as regards why the device was there in the first place.

Of recent, there was an occurrence of a teen who was attacked by a woman because his drone had swimsuit surveillance on. In Los Angeles also, hockey fans had destroyed a drone because they believed that it was a property of the LAPD.

Loon, who had thought of putting a beacon on the drone, said that attaching a real-time GPS tracker could have prevented these drones from getting lost. He wished he had now. Then he wouldn’t have need to post those missing drone fliers.


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