Missing Man Found in Cemetery Slept on Ground Overnight After He Got Disoriented and Fell

Bob Taylor, the 82-year-old man who was reported missing on January 19, 2016, has been found.

The elderly man was spotted in the northeast corner of Sylvan Abbey Memorial Park, just across the street from his home at 9:44 AM by cemetery worker Dennis Johnson, who said that he spotted a “clump of color” at the edge of the woods, so he went to the woods to investigate. It was there that he found Taylor on the ground.

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Missing Clearwater Man

Taylor was able to talk despite being in the frigid weather overnight but was extremely cold. Detective Thomas Dawe, who picked him up from the area carried him to a sunny spot to warm him up and covered him in several layers of blankets and clothing.

Dawe said, “Even when I first grabbed him, his arms were so tight and so cold, I wasn’t even sure if he was alive. And then I called him by his name, I called for Bob and he answered. It was a great deal of relief for us.”

Taylor was last seen around 3:00 PM on January 19, 2016, at his home in Regency Oaks South. He was reported missing shortly after 6:00 PM, and officers spent most of the night searching for him and handing out flyers near his home. A helicopter and two bloodhounds were also said to have been helping with the search.

He was described by family members as a white male, 6 feet tall, and weighing around 170 pounds. He has salt-and-pepper hair, a mustache, and may be wearing sweatpants and a red jacket. Diagnosed with Parkinson’s and dementia, he is also said to be using a walker or a cane to get around; but according to the statement released, he was not believed to have been using either.

Clearwater Police Officers

Clearwater police have searched the areas in vicinity, including hospitals and shopping centers. They also contacted the Suncoast Transit Authority, as well as taxi companies who may have had someone pick him up. A county sheriff’s office K9 unit was also brought in to help with the investigation.

Taylor’s son, Andrew, said, “It was agonizing. And as the hours went by, you started to fear for the worst.”

Once the situation calmed down, Taylor told his family that he went out to walk but became disoriented, which was why he fell. He remained in good spirits despite having to wait in the cold overnight.

Tracking with Technology

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Fortunately, Taylor is doing well. Shortly after he was found, the 82-year-old was  taken to the Mease Countryside Hospital, where he was treated with hypothermia.



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