How Micro GPS Tracking Chips Works

GPS technology has been known to play an important part when it comes to recovering stolen property. Allen Crosby, a resident of Phoenix, Arizona, was able to recover $10,000 worth of stolen valuables since he thought ahead and installed one of those micro GPS tracking chips on his personal belongings.

What Are Micro GPS Tracking Chips?

Micro GPS tracking chips are growing in popularity. These devices are tiny and are hardly noticeable when attached to an object, but it is powerful enough for owners to track its location in case it gets stolen or misplaced.

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GPS Chips


Micro GPS Chips

Micro GPS chips have several uses aside from protecting your assets. Some of these include tracking down a mobile device or tracking an individual’s every move. These devices come in small and compact devices, others are even no bigger than a rice grain, but they are capable of detecting even the most intermittent or low signals.

How Do Micro GPS Tracking Chips Work?

A micro GPS chip functions just like a regular GPS device. It receives GPS signals from satellites, and using wireless connectivity, it is capable of transmitting the data to a controlling device such as your PC or mobile phone. A GPS tracking application is usually installed to view the micro chip’s location.

For Crosby’s case, the Yavapai County Sheriff department caught the perpetrator after locking down the location of a micro GPS chip embedded in a camera.

High Recovery Rate

As mentioned, micro GPS chips are primarily used to safeguard valuable objects. It hastens recovery time and increases the chances of retrieving your stolen goods.

Locating items using GPS devices has been proven to be effective. Below are some ways micro GPS chips help in theft recovery:

1. Cell phone tracker

GPS micro chips that are installed on mobile phones provide both tracking and navigation data as well as the phone’s communication activity, which means all inbound and outbound calls made on the phone can be monitored. All the data is then transmitted to the application installed on any controlling device with built-in GPS technology. The alerts can arrive as either text, e-mail, or in-app notifications, while location data are represented through a digital map.

2. Criminal tracker

GPS microchips are implanted in humans using a high-powered sniper rifle as the long distance injector. They are known to cause only minor physical pain when it enters the body of an unsuspecting human. The impact can easily be compared to that of a mosquito bite, making the whole shot go unnoticed.

Once implanted, the microchip locates the target’s exact position using GPS coordinates. Law enforcement are known to have been using this to track down thieves and other crime suspects.

Disadvantages of Micro GPS Tracking Chips


There are numerous consequences from using implanted microchips on humans. The intrusion of privacy has to be the biggest issue, as micro chipping does violate multiple legal rights. The same thing can be said for rigging mobile phones, as there are still laws that constitute the terms of its usage, including the fact that both parties need to be aware that a microchip is embedded in the device in the first place.

GPS tracking devices will offer you the same benefits as a GPS microchip. Even if they aren’t as tiny as microchips, GPS devices such as Trackimo do come in the same lightweight and compact designs. Trackimo uses GPS-GSM technology that allows you to track down your valuables, vehicles, and even loved ones by attaching it to their clothing or slipping it in their bags.



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