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4. Be ready to adapt to changes and build trust

Managing remote employees is a bit different from managing local employees. If your management experience is only with the latter and you are the over-the-shoulder type of manager, you may have to adjust and trust your employees. Take note that your staff may also have the same problem. As long as everyone is willing to change, transition will be easier with you leading the change.

Fleet Tracking


With GPS fleet management system around, fleet managers don’t need to be hands-on in managing remote employees. No more frequent checking in personally as the GPS system can provide accurate data needed in gauging employee productivity, whether your employees need more training or reward for exceeding his goals. As a result, employee will have more time to focus on other important aspect of management.

5. Use the right tools

Modern technology is not and will never be a substitute manager but rather a tool that can help you in managing remote employees. There are many management tools available, research to determine which ones will fit your needs. You need tools to ensure that everyone is doing their task or being productive, tools to track employee’s location and attendance. These tools, however, should not be used for spying on employees without a valid reason. You’ve got to trust your employees and prove to them that they can trust you too. Using the GPS tracking technology covertly to monitor your staff’s movements will undermine the trust between you and them.

Vehicle Tracking System


Fleet managers can take advantage of the benefits that a GPS fleet management solution offers in managing remote employees. Not only can the technology monitor vehicle activities but as well as the drivers.  The device can provide automated and therefore accurate data regarding vehicle use and driving behavior, such as engine downtime, hard breaking, over speeding, unauthorized usage, and vehicle travel outside assigned areas (geo-fencing). All these information can be viewed in real time or accessed anytime from the computer.

The device can also be programmed to issue alert in case the driver violates agreed protocols. Notification will be sent to fleet managers via e-mail or text.

There is nothing wrong with the traditional way of managing remote employees, but it’s pretty obvious that using GPS fleet management solutions is far more beneficial and profitable. The system allows companies to save hundreds of thousands of dollars, which could be the difference between continuing and going out of business.



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