Lost Luggage Situations

Do you want to read about lost luggage situations? Here we have a tale of two similar, yet very different pieces of luggage. They’re both set to travel on the best trip of their life, but one of them is lacking one important detail! Sometimes the smallest things can make the biggest difference.

Two Lost Luggage Situations

No-GPS Norah

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Norah was a beautiful piece of leather luggage, who flew to all the luxurious destinations around the world in style. From Rome to Paris, Norah’s exterior would shine as bright as the sun and make all the other luggage bags jealous.

One day, Norah with no GPS tracker device and her owner were on their way on another fantastic trip to Tokyo. The owner dropped Norah off at the check-in location and they headed their separate ways for the flight. After checking in, a terrible thing happened – Norah got lost!

Whether it was in the processing section or in the cargo bay, Norah didn’t find her way to Tokyo – she ended up in Alaska instead! How would her people ever find her now? With the millions of bags checked in all over the world, there’s no way they could know where she was! Norah was lost, and sadly never reunited with her owner, living the rest of her life in a remote cabin in Alaska.

Norah is not alone in her struggles regarding lost luggage situations. Thousands of pieces of luggage are lost all over the world every day, and some are never found by the owner. If you share Norah’s pain, take note of our next tale for some relief: the journey of personal GPS Tracker Trisha.

Tracker Trisha



Tracker Trisha is a young, but an eager explorer. She loves to journey from country to country and experience all the sights she can while being involved in as many pictures as possible. With her light exterior and convenient carrying straps, she and her owner are nearly inseparable when traveling.

Trisha and her person were getting ready for another international trip to Thailand, and everything was going as normal. Trisha was checked in at the airport, and the human-headed to the boarding area to take their seat. When they started packing the bags on the plane, Trisha noticed something off in the distance – her owner was getting on a different plane!

Without knowing where she was going, she could at least have some peace of mind because she knew she had her trusty 3G GPS tracking device on her. This handy device can be tracked nearly anywhere on the planet, so Trisha knew that although she might not get to Thailand right away, she would be reunited with her owner eventually.

After arriving in Thailand, her owner noticed the mistake the airport made and took out their smartphone to figure out where Trisha had landed. After a few calls, Trisha had been located and shipped off from Iceland, soon to be relocated with her owner in Thailand for a delayed, but happy reunion.

Don’t have your luggage end up like Norah. With an inexpensive GPS tracker added to your luggage, you’ll prevent lost luggage situations, and you’ll have peace of mind for the rest of your travels!


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