Keep Your Pet Safe During Your Wedding

Getting ready for a wedding with dog? Or with a cat? Well, wedding preparations can be quite challenging. We’ll share some great ideas on how to incorporate your pet into your big day.

Fur-Parenting 101: How to Keep Your Pet Safe During Your Wedding

Want some furry inspiration for the big day? Get ready for some cool wedding ceremony ideas for pet owners!

First of all, and more than anything else, it is important that you keep your pet safe during your wedding. Preparations, stressful as they are, can become more of a stress if you are a pet owner. You might not realize it, but your wedding anxiety influences your pet immensely. They feel your excitement and start getting nervous themselves. It is a challenging period in life both for you and your pet.

Make sure you have your dog or cat taken care of. One way to do it is to get them a Trackimo GPS tracker. We realize that it might not be high on your wedding preparations list, but it is absolutely necessary. A lot of pets experience real wedding stress, and they could get lost easily. A mini tracking device could save you a lot of worries.

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Pet Safe During Wedding


Other Ways You Can Make the Day Special for Your Pet

Aside from letting them run around the venue, there are other ways you can make your big day a special one for your pet too.

Have them go in style

Buy them wedding accessories. There are various dog wedding accessories that will make your pet look stylish. Wedding gowns and suits, bow ties, you name it. You can decorate the collar with flowers or Swarovski crystals or tie a big bow. Dog wedding accessories are more than just a fun and stylish piece of pet wardrobe. They are also a great accessory to attach a GPS pet tracking device to. Pin it on to a bow tie, or get them a wedding-themed collar.

Keep in mind that loud crowds can frighten your pet. It is especially important that you give them an extra layer of protection if you are planning to set off fireworks as a part of the celebration.

Let them be your furry ring bearer!

Now that you’ve taken care of safety and have your pet location device installed, think style! Your furry friend doesn’t need to miss all the fun! There are numerous ways you can keep your pet safe during your wedding without having to exclude them from the whole thing.

Pet Ring Bearer


A lot of brides think about dressing up little boys as ring bearers. Well, guess what? Dogs can do it too! Dogs as ring bearers make some of the most adorable ring bearers ever! If you’ve never seen wedding costumes for dogs you should definitely see it! After all, your dog is so much more than just a pet sharing your house! It is a loyal friend and a member of your family. So it is logical for it to get invited to special family celebrations!

Take pet wedding photos

There is also a number of ways to incorporate your pet into your wedding reception. Why not have a photo shoot with your favorite doggy or your pretty feline? Photos with pets, holding signs, look extremely cute! The sign can read “I loved her first,” “Dog of honor,” or “My humans are getting married!” Use your imagination!

Before the Big Day . . .

One thing you absolutely must do before starting planning the ceremony is to think about your pet’s character. Will it be comfortable for your four-legged friend to attend the wedding? Will they feel okay around strangers? If you feel that the answer to these questions is no, then it’s probably better to leave your pet at home. Hire a dogsitter for the event, make sure your dog likes the person, and celebrate your big day as you want. Remember, that your pet’s safety and well-being is more important than a funny wedding photo.

Overall, a wedding with dog can be a lot of fun! Just make sure your wedding celebration is safe for your pet, and enjoy your big day together!



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