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One of the most valuable tools every hiker must have is a hiking GPS Tracker or a data logger. It helps hikers to stay on the trail and avoid getting lost. When choosing the best walking buddy, it is essential that you get a GPS device that is reliable when it comes to hardware quality and data accuracy.

A GPS tracking can pinpoint one’s exact location. It can also provide the right path toward your destination (yes, it functions the same way as your car’s GPS) as well as estimate how much walking you have to do before you reach your destination.

Factors to Consider in Choosing the Best Hiking GPS Tracker

Aside from real-time tracking, Hiking GPS Tracker can also store previous routes you have taken. So if you’re going to the same direction, you can access the data on your computer anytime.

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This is important. Choose a GPS device with a longer battery life than the average. You don’t want a tracker that will die out on you while you’re in the middle of nowhere. A longer battery life is a life saver. A rechargeable battery is a plus.


Smaller and lightweight Hiking GPS Tracker is more suitable for outdoor people like you. A mini GPS device can be attached to your clothing, bag, or shoes, leaving your hands free.


Make sure that your tracking device is sturdy and can withstand even the hottest or coldest weather conditions since you will be using it outdoor. Choose a fall or water-resistant tracking device.


Some GPS trackers transmit data through a cellular network, which means, when you enter an area with very limited network signal, your device cannot transmit data in real time, which is crucial for outdoorsmen. There will be no problem if you’re just going to hike within the city, but if you’re like the others who prefer to seek new trails in far -flung places, make sure that you choose a GPS tracker for hiking that has a wider network coverage.



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