A GPS tracking solution enables fleet companies to monitor their systems in real time from anywhere. According to companies that have utilized this technology, the benefits are actually even greater than this. Today, the tracking systems have advanced to include cloud technology. This makes it easy for anyone with the appropriate password to access the GPS tracking information.

For companies that are still struggling with the old GPS systems or do not have one, it is time to consider the latest solution. Those who are already up to date should know how to evaluate the system and get the best from it. And this is where the guide below comes in handy.

Guide to Choosing the Best GPS Tracking System for Your Fleet

GPS Tracking System for Your Fleet

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Examining the Hardware

A GPS tracking solution cannot be complete without sophisticated devices that are installed in the vehicles to transmit the location data. The size of the device depends on the company that manufactured it, but they are typically small.

Apart from the transmitting device, there is an antenna and probably a display interface, which can be the in-dash infotainment system. The devices are also connected to the internet for better real-time data transmission.
The other hardware involved includes the receivers of the signals back at the fleet offices. After the signal is received, they process the information and display it on computerized devices like PCs, tablets and smartphones.

The Software Involved

As a fleet manager, it is time to visit the Eyeride Online website and see the current GPS tracking software that they have. The more sophisticated it is, the better. If you already have this software, you should know the full potential of what you can achieve with it. Here are some of the basic functions.
Showing the actual position of the vehicles

  • Storing the history of all the places each fleet vehicle has been
  • Showing the route map
  • Issuing traffic alerts on various routes
  • Making various reports

These are just a few functions of a sophisticated GPS tracking software that you can use today as a fleet company. The manager can conduct more research or consult with the solution providers to understand the current GPS solution installed.


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Management of Software Solutions

Proper management of your GPS software is crucial in any company. First of all, you will need to assess the installation to ensure that the devices are functioning correctly. Then, the software should also work in the same way. Be sure to let a professional test them during the installation and after the recommended period of time.
Doing software upgrades is also highly recommended by the experts. It may come at an extra cost, but this will be recovered when the company saves on other costs and increases productivity. Let your IT solutions experts assess and advise you when it is appropriate to upgrade the GPS solution in your fleet company.


Routine evaluation of the GPS solution in your fleet company should be a habit. Keep everything up to date because this has many benefits. In addition to increasing the productivity of the vehicles, it will also build the reputation of the company, and more clients will come knocking on your doors.



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