GPS for Caribbean-Based Companies

The Caribbean Islands are among the most sought-after vacation spots in the whole world. Thousands of tourists visit the place each year in hopes of escaping the bustles of city life and spend time discovering many natural wonders in the area. It seems like business is the last thing on anyone’s mind when visiting the Caribbean. But that may not the case for those who rely on the local economy to keep the cash flowing. A good example is the number of growing businesses around St. Kitts, the Caribbean’s second-largest island. These companies need to maintain a smooth-flowing operation in order to stay efficient and gain profit. They have invested in multiple vehicles for field operation and implement live GPS for Caribbean-based companies to manage their fleets.

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How Useful Is the GPS for Caribbean-Based Companies?

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Aside from agriculture, tourism has proven to be one of the most profitable businesses in the Caribbean Islands. This includes tour bus lines as well as taxi and shuttle services. All these sectors can benefit from GPS tracking technology as it allows companies to oversee fleet operations on a daily basis.

Generally, a GPS tracking system works in a simple 3-step process:

  1. A business installs a live tracking device on their vehicle fleet
  2. System sends data to off-site server
  3. Business owners access data through an online-based mobile/Web application

GPS tracking systems like Trackimo receive and transmit data in real time. Aside from providing location information, it is also capable of sending out reports on harmful employee driving behaviors as well as emergency alerts. The devices can be attached to any person, object, or in Trackimo’s case, may be hardwired to a vehicle, allowing real-time tracking anytime, anywhere.

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Vehicle driver reports provided by the GPS for Caribbean-based companies are useful for businesses that are looking to keep track of their fleet. At the same time, it can be regarded as an effective cost-cutting strategy. With fleet managers being aware of their driver’s daily whereabouts, they can plan on shorter routes, monitor vehicle idling, and check if their employees are driving past speed thresholds. They can also keep their assets safe from automobile theft and check to see if vehicles are being used beyond operational hours.

With companies like Trackimo offering worldwide GPS coverage, even businesses in the Caribbean Islands now have the opportunity to benefit from such technology. It paves way for a more reliable operation and increases customer satisfaction.

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