Flying With Pets Dont Let Yours Go Astray

It’s no secret; we love our pets. We only want the best for them, and I’m sure if we could we would stick them in the first class section of the plane so they can be pampered and fed.

Airlines deal with a wide range of pets, from your 150 pound great dane, to hatching eggs and tropical fish, there’s always a way to get them up in the sky. Not everyone knows the best way to go about getting their pet from point A to point B, so we’re going to provide a brief breakdown of how to get your pet up in the air.

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Do I buy my pet a ticket?

Luckily, you don’t need to go all out buying another expensive plane ticket for your pet when travelling. They’re either going to fly in the luggage section if they’re too big for a stowaway bag, or they can fly with you in the cabin if they’re small enough.

However, you can’t just show up at the airport with a pet and expect the airline to accommodate you. After booking your own ticket, you have to call the airline to reserve a spot for your pet to travel with you. After supplying the information they need, you’ll get a quote on how much your pet will cost to ship to wherever it is you’re going.

Registering your pet

When registering your pet, it’s important to be as accurate as possible; lying about some aspects to save a few bucks is only going to give you a bigger headache. They’re going to ask for things like the dimensions of your carrying case, the weight of your pet, and the breed of your animal.

Depending on the size of the plane, you might only be able to bring one of your beloved pets into the cabin with you.

Most airlines also suggest that you register your pet within 24 hours of booking your own ticket, since if they can’t be accommodated then you can cancel your ticket without extra charge. Additionally, you’ll want to show up 30 minutes earlier than you normally would so they can stow your pet safely.

Solo pet travel

Dog Flying
Sometimes you just aren’t able to make the trip with your pet, so they have to go for the solo ride. It can make us nervous leaving our animals at home by themselves, and can be even more nerve-racking when they have to fly alone.

Check in with the airline you are using, and make sure they have trained staff designated for animal care. It’s very common for animals to be dropped off and fly alone, so there’s usually a few personnel on board who can handle any emergency situations, and make sure your pet is comfortable and happy on the trip.

We only want the best for our companions, so it’s important to follow the proper procedure to make sure they’re accommodated to the fullest. Whether you’re getting your pedigree dog to LA for the next big show, or getting a rare breed of reptile to a better habitat, there’s ways to get your animal friends their safely and with minimal stress. And if you are worried that they could go astray it is perfectly justifiable to attach a 3G GPS Tracker to their crate. Safe travels!


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