Gearheads Gift Ideas

Christmas is around the corner and it is time to think about what we are planning on buying friends and relatives this year. Chances are one or more of the persons on your list are gearheads and if you are not one yourself, it can be tough to know what to get them. Here are Gearheads Gift Ideas that are affordable, offer some cool features for both car and motorcycle enthusiasts, and are not the usual choices one might make.

Here are the Five Gearheads Gift Ideas:

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Air on the Side of Warmth

If you are a motorcyclist and lucky enough to live in an area where you can ride all year round, chances are you still get pretty cold. There is always the option of wearing multiple sweaters that balk you up to the point where it is difficult to move. The Aerostich Kanetsu AIRVANTAGE Electric Vest offers a better solution: it keeps you warm with an air bladder that you inflate yourself by blowing into a tube. The result is great insulation without the inconvenience of an electric vest. You can even choose how much you wish to inflate or deflate depending on the number of burgers you consumed at your brother’s BBQ night.

Smart Gloves for Your Smart Phone

More gearheads gift ideas are smart gloves. Smart phones are such a part of people’s lives that we sometimes only think about the fact we are using them if there is a hindrance. Gloves certainly make a touchscreen useless, but Mechanix Wear’s Original Touch gloves deliver an easy and economical solution. Their specially designed gloves allow users to go about their work and operate a touchscreen device without constantly having to take them on and off. That said, they do not make texting on a motorcycle any safer.

Backsleep Driver

Ever been driving for so long that you desperately need to pull over and take a snooze? Backseats do not compare well to even the cheapest motel beds, but the Inflatable Car Mattress by Eumerce is a nice and affordable compromise. It fits comfortably in your back seat and is big enough for both a tired adult and a cranky child in desperate need of a nap. It is also a great option for those on camping trips who have decided that sleeping under the stars is not all it is cracked up to be.

Watch for a Comeback

Thanks to smart phones, it seems like hardly anyone wears a watch anymore. However, in addition to their line of amazing cars, Corvette also sells some pretty fantastic looking watches aimed directly at car lovers. Their top one costs over $10,000, but the Corvette Gunmetal Stainless Steel Sport Watch by Fossil is a very reasonable $159.99 and sports the coolest tire tread strap we have seen.

Classy Maintenance Check

Speaking of Corvette, they also sell what is easily the snazziest tire gauge kit you will ever see. Designed to look like an expensive pen set, it also comes with a hardshell aluminum case, a tiny flashlight, and, appropriately enough, a pen.

Car GPS Tracking

Another great Gearheads Gift Ideas for the loved ones in your life is a GPS tracker. This small and very affordable electronic device allows users to keep track of their vehicles at all times. With that extra level of security in place, they can instantly alert the police if their car or motorcycle goes missing. Place a 3G GPS tracker under the tree this year and help friends and family rest easy knowing they have the power of GPS technology guarding their mechanical beast.


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