Hidden Tracking Devices

Many have been written about GPS being used for tracking vehicles. It’s the same device that the NBI uses for tracking individuals they think should be monitored. So how would you know if someone has put hidden tracking devices on you?

Well, NBI is authorized to use these devices on anyone and anything, if they think it’s necessary. While suspicious people use it to spy on their cheating significant others or the overprotective parents trying to keep tabs on their children’s whereabouts, everyone has their reasons— and a GPS tracking device is ready for that purpose. Although there are many ways to spy on people, a GPS tracker is by far the most flexible and practical method.

Where a Hidden GPS Tracking Devices Can Be Found in Your Vehicle

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Hiding a Tracker

Driving & Safety

So if you believe you are being tracked, check the places where hidden tracking devices can be possibly concealed. When looking for a hidden GPS device in vehicles, take into account that a GPS tracking device is usually put in places where they can still receive satellite signals. While the device may still work when contained within a plastic material or the likes, it would be difficult for the device to function if the antenna is blocked by a metal or similar materials.

In the picture below, you will see the arrows pointing at good hiding places for a GPS tracking device in a vehicle. The location should be safe enough to cover the tracker and provide a clear access to the satellite above for it to work.

If the arrows are not clear, don’t worry. We itemized it below, the places where you can find hidden tracking devices and why it might be lurking there. And by the way, we are talking here about manual searching only and without the use of electronic tools to detect a tracking device, though it’s useless for passive transmitters.

Now get a flashlight and start searching from the front toward the back. If the area is too small for you to peek, then use your fingers to feel for the object you are trying to find.

Front Bumper

The chance of finding hidden tracking devices in the front bumper of your vehicle is low because it houses many wiring for your light, temperature sensor, etc., but it’s doable. Call a mechanic to open this part of your vehicle, or if you have the skill and equipment, get a flashlight and start checking for a small black device or wire that doesn’t seem to belong. The possible reason for putting the tracking device there is to have access to uninterrupted power. If the hidden GPS tracking device is connected to the vehicle’s power supply, then the device is able to transmit for a long time many location information to its owner. If it is fastened to the car, it’s wise not to remove it because it could really be a legitimate part of your car. Contact a mechanic to be sure.

Wheel Wells

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It’s a bit unlikely for a person to put hidden tracking devices in any of the four wheels of your vehicle. Still, check it out and look for tiny box, cylinder, or any odd items. Your brakes should be the only object behind the wheels. If you want to check everything, then you may even like to take out the brake temporarily to take a clean look inside. If you see a spiral-shaped metal above the wheels, it’s not a GPS device, ignore it. You may want to check the metal part of your wheel, it’s possible that the magnetic tracking device is attached to it.

Rear Bumper

The same with the bumper in the front, you will find various wires there, mostly wire for your lights and external sensors that guide you while driving. If you have camera installed there, that’s additional cables for you not to touch. Look for the same target. Know that car cables are connected in some way, so be careful and double-check before removing anything because you may not be able to use your car for a while.

Common Places

Check out also your car’s undercarriage and use a flashlight to reach inaccessible areas of the car’s entire frame. Remember that a GPS trackers cannot transmit data if covered by thick metals and the antenna needs a clear way to pick up signals, so we suggest to look at the edges.


Car owners rarely check their dashboard unless necessary. Under your dashboard are plenty of wires connected to various components, but there’s also plenty of space enough to hide a tracking device. Though it might look like a mess with all the cables and dust inside, finding your suspect is still possible. Since wires belonging to your car are usually tied up in groups, find a disorganized strange-colored cable in there, it might be the one you are looking for.

Consoles and More

For cars with sunroof or convertible cars, your car offers more places for GPS trackers for hanging out. Remove the covers to be sure and find strange wires within the cover, under the carpets, or under and in between seats. If you find one, trace its source. Remember not to force anything to avoid ruining parts of your car.

What to Do Next

Detecting Hidden Trackers


If after examining everything inside and outside of your car, you still feel in your gut that someone or something is tailing you, you have at least two options left. Ask someone else to scan your car, if you know someone who knows what isn’t part of a car are car alarm installers. If you don’t know anyone, ask your family and friends for recommendations. Bring your car to the shop or let them come to your garage. If they know where to put it, then only they know where to find it.

But what if after all the trouble you’re through, you still have not found it? Maybe it’s time to take the second option, visit a shrink. Just kidding. It means no one is tracking you, buddy, relax.



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