Company Vehicles Using GPS

Manual tracking of employees like using a punch-in-and-out system is so old school and ineffective. For one thing, employees may forget to log in or out using the system. Or worse, they will purposefully forget to clock in or out and use the company vehicle for their personal benefit and still manage to claim a full paycheck. But there is a way to solve this issue, and that is by using company vehicles using GPS.

Here’s how this technology can help.

Company Vehicles Using GPS Tracking Device

The system’s weakness can be overcome by using GPS tracking for company vehicles. Now it’s not like you’re being a Hitler for wanting to be in control of your assets. As a manager, you have every right to monitor company vehicle. In fact, the software can also be used to protect your vehicles, at the same time boost your business.

GPS tracking for company vehicles uses software that tracks and records every vehicle movement. The GPS system is capable of detecting speed, travel duration, and inactivity, letting the management know if a job has been completed. In addition, the system’s live map tracking allows managers to locate their vehicles at any time of the day to ensure workers productivity.

GPS Tracking for Company Vehicles

The use of company vehicle for any personal purposes reduces the time an employee should have spent on his task, which can result in a decrease of the company income. Moreover, it can increase the wear and tear and fuel usage of the vehicle.

Meanwhile, GPS tracking for company vehicles has features such as 3G mapping and geo-fence alert, and it can help managers manage remote workers and see if they have been using the company trucks during off hours for completing side jobs.

Let your drivers be accountable for their time on the field. Allowing company vehicles using GPS is the only way for you to ensure that your drivers are not running personal errands using company property while on duty. It’s easy and inexpensive.



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