Increasing Drone Encounters

According to the Bard College study, the increasing drone encounters exposed 90 incidents with commercial jets in the last couple of year alone, and hundreds more with piloted aircraft.

From the irresponsible drone pilot that almost down a Boeing 777 jet liner and to the drone to interfered in the operation of firefighters and the drone that crashed into the White House. All this have demonstrated the surge in drone collisions.

Increasing Drone Encounters and its Dangers

Non-expert piloting drones close to delicate sites or manned airplanes has become a grave issue lately – Bard’s Center for the Study of the Drone made it known that pilots had in most times come within 50ft of the erring flyers, and in some cases had to bank to avoid running into them.

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Drone Crashed into the White House


“We counted 158 incidents in which a drone came within 200 ft or less of a manned aircraft (two-thirds of all close encounters in which a concrete drone-to-aircraft proximity is given),” wrote the team, “51 incidents in which the proximity was 50 ft. or less, and 28 incidents in which a pilot maneuvered to avoid a collision with a drone.”

In Japan, the danger presented by fanciers’ drone pilots led police to lay bare their own brand of drone-hunting this week: a net-fitted quadcopter that can scoop up other drones out of the sky.

An American firm has a channelled radio jammer that can easily turn a drone off mid-flight .

Amazon and others have appealed to the FAA to permit commercial drone operators slack – schemes to make industry more efficacious and secure using multi-rotor vehicles abound in all multiple sectors. But a few bad actors have destroyed the lot thus far, with non-expert flying too close to wildfires in California and transporting drugs into prisons in Maryland.

Drone Encounters


At a commercial drones conference in Las Vegas earlier this year, Anthony Foxx, an official from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), made it known to an audience agitating for less inflexible regulation on drone usage that fanciers were creating for the regulator enormous headaches.

“We must work ever harder to ensure a strong culture of safety and accountability among users,” Foxx said. “This year pilots have reported seeing unmanned aircraft twice as recently as in 2014.”

Virginia Tech’s Crashworthiness for Aerospace Structures and Hybrids (Crash) laboratory replicated the effect of a drone on an airliner passenger cabin; the results were horrific. Drones between eight and 10 lbs, the Crash analysts wrote, “can cause irreversible damage on the primary structures of the airplane (including the flight deck windshield pillars), or potential catastrophic failure on non-primary (secondary) structural components (such as control surfaces, radome, flaps, slats, etc.) ”



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