Gift Ideas for Teen Drivers

Children grow up pretty fast. One minute parents are putting up the training wheels on their bike, and the next, they’ve become teenagers eager to start driving their own four-wheeled vehicle. It’s easy to see why teen drivers are excited over the opportunity to finally get to drive a car of their own. After all, it is the first step toward independence. And who wouldn’t want to ditch tedious day-to-day commuting for good? However, due to their inexperience, teen drivers are a danger for commuters, other drivers, and even themselves. As parents, a teen’s safety and security should always be a priority. When laying down strict rules isn’t enough, here are some practical gift ideas for teen drivers to keep your kids safe while on the road especially during the holidays, where the risk seems to be higher than usual.

Practical Gift Ideas for Teen Drivers


One of the most common causes of teen driving–related accident is distractedness. Teens have a tendency to treat their personal space the same way they do their bedrooms. This means trash are scattered on the floor and other belongings are out of place. So this holiday, one of the best gift ideas for teen drivers is something that will keep them from being distracted by the mess. A good example is an organizer that will keep all their necessities within reach.

Emergency road kit

You never know when a roadside situation happens, so it’s best for your new driver to be prepared. An emergency toolkit would be of great help in situations like this. AAA offers a 42-piece kit with everything you need for a quick vehicle fix, including a flashlight, Phillips screwdrivers, jumper cables, first aid kit, and a car guide.

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Extra driving lessons

A driver’s license doesn’t always equate to a responsible driver. Just because the DMV gives your teen a go-signal to hit the road doesn’t mean he or she has become responsible enough behind the wheel. To give you peace of mind, you can always gift them extra hours of driving lessons with a licensed professional. A two-hour session will run you about $150, but you can also save money by scheduling extra hours.

GPS tracker

Vehicular accidents are currently the number one cause of teenage deaths. But rather than just worrying about your kids at home, parents can have peace of mind by monitoring teens while they’re on the road.

Parents can easily do this with the help of GPS-enabled devices. These trackers are easily plugged into the car, giving parents the chance to check on the car’s speed, location, and other driver reports like acceleration and braking.


Extreme brightness and reflections may impair visibility and result in a freak car accident. In addition to that, drivers have to deal with additional distractions such as dry winds and dust. Sunglasses, as simple and unassuming as they may sound, can shield your eyes from these elements.

Stuff your teen driver’s stocking with a care kit

They may not be little kids anymore, but that doesn’t mean your teen won’t enjoy a little stuffed stocking! Place key chains, ice scrapers, air fresheners, and even chair covers to brighten up their holidays.

Gift certificates for car-related services


As an adult, you know very well car maintenance can sometimes cost you an arm and leg. Your teen may have promised to pay money for the weekly car wash, but it wouldn’t hurt to gift them with a coupon for all their good work this year. During the holidays, you come across sweet “buy 3, get 1 free” deals, making certificates really one of the ideal gift ideas for teen drivers.

Other than a car wash, you could gift your teen driver with a coupon or gift card for a free oil change. Regular oil changes are needed to increase gas mileage and overall engine performance. Your teen driver may find oil changes expensive, so try shouldering the cost for now. Check your local car service shops to learn about their holiday deals!



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