About GPS Tracking System

What you need to know about GPS tracking system is that it plays an important role in society. The benefits of GPS tracking technology for small- to medium-sized businesses are invaluable, and it has helped family members keep track of their loved ones. So if you are 100 percent convinced in using one, then you might want to familiarize yourself with some basic information about GPS tracking system.

About GPS Tracking System

SD (Passive) vs. Cellular (Active) Trackers

A passive GPS tracker, or sometimes referred to as a GPS logger, records the location information and stores it in the device’s internal memory or SD card. It is incapable of transmitting GPS data as it lacks a transmission device to do so.

The stored memory in the device is likely to be overwritten once the memory is full. To avoid this, users need to connect the GPS logger to a computer to transfer the data. But regardless of that limitation, many opt for GPS loggers as they still provide an accurate report on the routes taken and come at a relatively low price.

Below is a diagram showing how GPS loggers work.

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GPS Loggers

On the other hand, active GPS trackers need the data connection to transmit reports in real time. Active GPS trackers come with an application and Web site where users can log into to view the GPS data. These trackers can generate the same kind of reports like a GPS logger, but since they require cloud services, a monthly fee will apply.

Below is a diagram on how active trackers work.

Active TrackersMany would shy away from active trackers due to the cost, but the expenses are justifiable as they are more convenient to use. Rather than waiting to download the data to a computer (like what passive tracker users have to do), an active tracker provides users the data they need in real time, so monitoring the object can either be done through your mobile phone or by checking your computer.

An example of a GPS tracking device that provides real-time information is Trackimo. This lightweight and a compact device comes with a reliable application that provides alerts and notifications regarding the device’s movement and activity.

Trackimo App

Different Forms of GPS Tracking Devices

GPS tracking devices come in different forms and features. Listed below are the most common ones.


Tracking Device

Portable GPS systems are the most popular GPS devices as they provide the benefit of mobility. They come in a variety of sizes and features. Trackimo is an example of a portable GPS device. It is a great solution for households that have more than one car. With this, they can transfer the device to different vehicles using Trackimo’s vehicle kit.

Trackimo offers a number of essential features such as real-time tracking and sends out notifications on geo-boundaries, speed, and sudden impact or acceleration.
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